Meaning of inflationism in English:



See inflation

‘The U.S. is right now in the grip of the worst form: naive inflationism, which, as Mises says ‘demands an increase in the quantity of money without suspecting that this will diminish the purchasing power of the money.’’
  • ‘Notwithstanding all the passionate fulminations of the spokesmen of governments, the inevitable consequences of inflationism and expansionism as depicted by the ‘orthodox’ economists are coming to pass.’
  • ‘Mises fought inflationism, while a large majority of people were convinced that only a courageous expansion of money, credit, and governmental budgets could secure prosperity, full employment, and economic growth.’
  • ‘While most countries embarked upon inflation and on a policy of easy money, the literary champions of inflationism were still spurned as ‘monetary cranks.’’
  • ‘And while sophisticated, clever and highly seductive, today's inflationism is a more dangerous scourge than ever.’