Meaning of inflectionless in English:



(mainly British inflexionless)

See inflection

‘But it's Jazz's rumbling rapping that's become the band's trademark; inflectionless, existential rhyming that hovers over the thumping beats, anchoring the music with some unashamed profundity.’
  • ‘It's hard to describe the emotional effect those inflectionless beeps have on true fans, although they're more than happy to talk about it between themselves on dozens of discussion boards that have appeared on the internet.’
  • ‘Beck's voice is a blunt, inflectionless tool, but his somnambulant tone conveys a creepy sense of resigned ennui that will bring most listeners down but still draw them back for more.’
  • ‘With his inflectionless, monosyllabic drawl and general lack of animation, how could they tell when Blaine had thawed again?’
  • ‘He paused a moment and then just kept talking in that dull, inflectionless way.’