Meaning of influential in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪnflʊˈɛnʃ(ə)l/

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  • Having great influence on someone or something.

    ‘her work is influential in feminist psychology’
    • ‘A quarter of a century on, the clergyman remains a powerful and influential figure even in death.’
    • ‘So, what do you think is the most important and influential car ever to be sold in Britain?’
    • ‘So a handful of votes will determine the direction of the world's most powerful and influential country.’
    • ‘National actors play important and influential roles at all stages of the EU policy process.’
    • ‘His sermons were influential in formulating a distinctive Anglican theology.’
    • ‘She is now regarded as one of the most influential and important artists of the 20th century.’
    • ‘His writings also contain a distinctive and influential vision of Australia's past.’
    • ‘Klotzko seems to have met many of the influential authorities in the field.’
    • ‘Schwinger was one of the most important and influential scientists of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘The talented women authors cited above were influential beyond their cookbooks.’
    • ‘There is no evidence to support the assertion that he was an important and influential teacher.’
    • ‘She then went to work for one of the most powerful, influential billionaires on the planet.’
    • ‘He won the election and thus lead one of the most influential and powerful states in America.’
    • ‘They are won by a side's most influential characters controlling the ebb and flow of a game.’
    • ‘More importantly, it gave the publisher an influential title that brought in advertisers.’
    • ‘He had a knack for attracting some fearfully powerful enemies as well as many influential friends.’
    • ‘It's a chart of prominent bloggers saying who they think the most influential bloggers are.’
    • ‘The three were highly influential in building up a strong mathematics research school in Chicago.’
    • ‘He is the second most powerful figure in one of the most influential parties in Africa.’
    • ‘These issues are unlikely to be influential as the review is dominated by a few larger studies.’
    powerful, authoritative, dominant, controlling, strong
    significant, important, crucial, pivotal
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usually influentials
  • An influential person.

    ‘young influentials’
    • ‘networks of influentials’
    • ‘‘Having said that, there has been some erosion on the part of community influentials, leaders, even some money people,’ he said.’
    • ‘Howard's problem is not with ill informed battlers but with politically aware influentials.’
    • ‘This right was bestowed on us by emperors, rajas and nawabs (local rulers and influentials in the undivided Indian subcontinent).’
    • ‘Research indicates that online readers are affluent, educated, and tech-savvy - the elite influentials and opinion leaders of the Internet.’
    • ‘We call them the global business influentials.’
    • ‘We like the idea of influentials because then you can see cause and effect quite easily.’
    • ‘It profiled successful, powerful influentials - ‘A new generation of South Asians is transforming the cultural landscape of America.’’
    • ‘Learn how to deal with the non-business influentials of your CEO life-shareholders, the press, government officials, community leaders, etc.’
    • ‘The ending of the aldermanic system and the more frequent turnover of councillors have probably reduced the possibilities for the emergence of such experienced influentials.’
    • ‘A complete history of American environmentalism would surely include these influentials.’
    • ‘Evidently, for many influentials in world music, the art is a question of conquering and ruling the earth, no less.’
    • ‘The above canon of influentials is heavy on theology and philosophy, also on moral philosophy.’
    • ‘The problem is that the influentials don't always reveal their corporate backing.’
    • ‘I was disappointed and surprised to find his name nowhere on that list of influentials.’


Late 16th century (referring to astral influence): from medieval Latin influentia (see influence).