Meaning of influx control in English:

influx control


mass noun
  • (in South Africa during the apartheid era) the rigid limitation and control imposed upon the movement of black people into urban areas.

    ‘Given such differences, the resemblance between apartheid's influx control and current efforts to stop the ‘illegal’ flow of immigrants from South to North should be no surprise.’
    • ‘Into this messy situation was introduced the abolition of influx control in 1986, the apartheid government's means of controlling the movement of blacks from rural to urban areas.’
    • ‘The Black Sash, a white women's movement launched at the time of constitutional protests in the 1950s, switched its attention to issues such as passes, influx control, and forced removals.’
    • ‘Most commentators attribute this development to the relaxation of influx control regulations that resulted in many economic migrants flocking into the city.’
    • ‘The influx control laws could not stem the tide of African urbanization.’