Meaning of info dump in English:

info dump


  • A very large amount of information supplied all at once, especially as background information in a narrative.

    ‘the movie begins with a lengthy expository info dump’
    • ‘Once More, With Feeling, Season Six's barnstorming musical, is in essence little more than a colossal info dump, manoeuvring every character into place for the second half of the season.’
    • ‘The first act's flashbacks - the dense, information-heavy act where we get an info dump on the world of Watchmen - focus mostly on The Comedian, and just like in the book when his funeral is over he moves out of the story, showing up rarely.’
    • ‘That kind of exposition normally requires an 'info dump' guaranteed to slow the pace of any narrative.’
    • ‘Indeed, Niven keeps a tight rein on info dumps and story intros.’
    • ‘I try not to use info dumps to convey things, although sometimes she does have to explain a little, for clarity's sake.’
    • ‘Since an info dump is a simple explanation, with dialogue you need someone who knows the information, and someone who doesn’t.’
    • ‘Tolkien came close to an info-dump in the second chapter of Lord of the Rings, where he explained all the wheres and what fors of the ring.’
    • ‘Eliminating the Info Dump in dialogue will create mystery that keeps your reader riveted while strengthening the prose.’
    • ‘That sounds eerily like an info dump to me.’
    • ‘Be forewarned: this is a fairly extensive info-dump.’