Meaning of informal vote in English:

informal vote


Australian, New Zealand
  • An invalid vote or voting paper.

    ‘Below is a list of the groups, candidates and informal votes from Senate elections in NSW between 1974 and 1987.’
    • ‘Who do you blame for informal votes - the voters or the legislators?’
    • ‘The informal vote in the 2001 election was nearly 5%, over 50% more than in the pre-Beazley elections of the 1990s.’
    • ‘One of the most disheartening aspects of the last Federal election was the large informal vote.’
    • ‘In several federal electorates in Queensland, the level of informal votes exceeds 5% of the votes cast.’
    • ‘Even then that vote was less than half of what the informal vote was.’
    • ‘Although 33 votes were in favour and 14 against, three were ‘wrong ballot papers ‘considered as informal votes.’’
    • ‘Some other Labor voters clearly protested with an informal vote.’
    • ‘Over 22,000 informal votes were cast in this referendum.’
    • ‘Over the past four federal elections, the proportion of informal votes has almost doubled from 3 percent in 1993.’