Meaning of information overload in English:

information overload


mass noun
  • Exposure to or provision of too much information or data.

    ‘the main challenge for consumers is information overload’
    • ‘Needless to say, investors can get bogged down with information overload.’
    • ‘No technology has helped me with the burden of information overload like having a virtual assistant.’
    • ‘Combat pilots are trained to handle information overload well - for short periods of time.’
    • ‘The downside of the technology revolution can be summed up as "information overload."’
    • ‘His goal is to find ways to break free from the intimidating complexity of today's technology and the frustration of information overload.’
    • ‘How do corporations deal with the problem of information overload?’
    • ‘A nap in the middle of the day may actually reverse the effects of information overload.’
    • ‘In a world of increasing information overload the process of sorting wheat from chaff becomes ever more daunting.’
    • ‘This information overload can lead the operator to overlook important data, or to make mistakes due to the complexity of operating the device.’
    • ‘Recent exercises reveal an alarming number of unread messages because of information overload.’
    • ‘Technical intelligence's downside is that it can lead to information overload during a crisis.’
    • ‘One concern raised by both the faculty involved in the teaching of the course and the students was the issue of information overload.’
    • ‘It is better to spread out your study time so you don't go into information overload.’
    • ‘Are we coping with information overload or losing the ability to discriminate?’