Meaning of information security in English:

information security


mass noun
  • The state of being protected against the unauthorized use of information, especially electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this.

    ‘the growing use of mobile applications is posing a risk to information security’
    • ‘if you've carelessly revealed your PIN, then you will foot the bill—and learn a valuable lesson about information security’
    • ‘Every citizen has to become a professional in information security.’
    • ‘Information security is the No.1 issue for the American technology community.’
    • ‘Among China's R & D priorities are superscale integrated circuits, computer software, and information security systems.’
    • ‘But the technology won't work unless everyone in the company is educated about information security.’
    • ‘They also need to properly fund, train, staff and empower those tasked with information security.’
    • ‘Any business risks legal action if it fails to take information security seriously.’
    • ‘But her one driving concern, she says, is to spread the word about the urgent need for enhanced information security.’
    • ‘The threat from computer crime and other information security breaches continues unabated and the financial toll is mounting.’
    • ‘A corporate information security policy and its associated standards and procedures must not only be created but enforced as well.’
    • ‘I work in information security and for many years I have been using Internet banks for my personal banking.’