Meaning of infra dig in English:

infra dig


informal British predicative
  • Beneath one; demeaning.

    ‘she regarded playing for the Pony Club as deeply infra dig’
    • ‘As Litt observes, for Armitage's aesthetic worldview, "grandiosity is infra dig."’
    • ‘It seemed, in that perspective, just a little infra dig to enjoin such praise.’
    unseemly, demeaning, unbecoming, ungentlemanly, unladylike, unworthy, unfitting, unbefitting, degrading, debasing, cheapening, belittling, lowering, shaming, shameful, humiliating, mortifying, dishonourable, ignominious, discreditable, ignoble, inglorious, unceremonious, scandalous, disgraceful, indecent, untoward, unsuitable, abject, sorry, low, base, wretched


Early 19th century abbreviation of Latin infra dignitatem ‘beneath (one's) dignity’.


infra dig

/ˌɪnfrə ˈdɪɡ/