Meaning of infrequently in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈfriːkw(ə)ntli/

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  • Not often; rarely.

    ‘a storage area for infrequently used items’
    • ‘he cooks, but only infrequently’
    • ‘There are several possible reasons why collaborative learning projects occur infrequently.’
    • ‘Any time the dialogue lapses into Italian (which happens not too infrequently), the subtitles are absent.’
    • ‘Sacred texts are not infrequently ontological embodiments of performance contexts.’
    • ‘Not infrequently, "Volume2" of a series can mean something considerably less than the first.’
    • ‘Shown infrequently at first, movies earned a regular place on Ontario vaudeville show bills over the next 10 years.’
    • ‘Burrows that are in disrepair or meander around the soil surface most likely are used infrequently.’
    • ‘Anyone who has indulged those guilty pleasures (however infrequently) will recognize in him a master practitioner.’
    • ‘He wrote letters infrequently and once said that he would "rather paint two walls than write a letter."’
    • ‘He exhibited infrequently during his formative artistic years, disliking the aggressive self-promotion it entailed.’
    • ‘His music is infrequently heard outside of Sweden.’