Meaning of ingeminate in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈdʒɛmɪneɪt/


[with object] archaic
  • Repeat or reiterate (a word or statement), typically for emphasis.

    ‘we must ask and ingeminate the inquiry, where is Burns?’
    • ‘Both Anand and Mili in their own way ingeminate the same message - death or the knowledge of it doesn't necessarily have to mean the end.’
    • ‘Ingeminating my pervious post is so much fun.’
    repeat, say again, restate, reiterate, copy, imitate, parrot, parody, mimic


    ingeminate peace
    • Call repeatedly for peace.

      ‘He writes "ingeminating peace," deploring that the council was not a national synod, which would have been a better means of arriving at the truth.’
      • ‘And if in 1863 The Times was not alone in ingeminating peace, no other paper went so far as to assail the Poles with downright abuse.’


Late 16th century (originally as engeminate): from Latin ingeminat- ‘redoubled’, from the verb ingeminare, from in- (expressing intensive force) + geminare (see geminate).