Meaning of ingrowing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪnɡrəʊɪŋ/

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  • Growing inwards or within something, especially (of a toenail) growing abnormally so as to press into the flesh.

    ‘Foot pain was associated with corns, ingrowing toenails, big toe deformities, hammer toes, obesity, and ankle swelling.’
    • ‘You won't find many personal accounts of the agonies of backache or ingrowing toenails.’
    • ‘My great aunt used to suffer from ingrowing toenails.’
    • ‘If a trust is placed under pressure to operate on ingrowing toenails and benign warts within a five-week period, something has to give.’
    • ‘It governs the feet and can be taken to indicate all diseases and afflictions that relate to them - athlete's foot, gout, aches and pains, lameness, ingrowing toenails, bunions, etc.’
    • ‘And that's because every corn, blister, swollen ankle and ingrowing toenail will register its torture on your face, no matter how much you try to smile though the pain.’
    • ‘But great bowlers get date-stamped at the merest hint of decline, an ingrowing toenail, a whisper about fatigue or a wicketless match.’
    • ‘Maybe it's because I think I've got an ingrowing toenail.’
    • ‘If someone tells me about, say, their ingrowing toenail, all my toes and fingers just curl up.’
    • ‘If an ingrowing hair somehow gets past this rigorous regime, apply Ingrowing Hair Cream, which contains tea-tree oil, to dry up the skin and draw the offending hair to the surface.’
    • ‘But its antiseptic properties also make it very useful in the home - apply after shaving or waxing to prevent ingrowing hairs, and use undiluted on minor cuts, burns, athlete's foot, bites, stings and cold sores.’
    • ‘It helps prevent ingrowing hairs and calms any unwanted bumps.’
    • ‘Wedging the ingrowing nail edge with a tiny ball of cotton wool might relieve pain and pressure, while cutting the nails straight can prevent recurrence.’