Meaning of Ingush in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪŋɡʊʃ/

nounplural noun Ingush, plural noun Ingushes

  • 1A member of a people living mainly in Ingushetia in the central Caucasus.

    ‘According to the local law enforcement forces, Chechens and Ingushes still play a central role in the supply and distribution of illegal drugs in the neighboring North Ossetia.’
    • ‘Following Stalin's death in 1953, the Soviet government returned the Ingush and Chechens to their homeland by 1957.’
    • ‘He uses as examples the rediscovery of the Alans and the Ingush.’
    • ‘The volatile relationship between North Ossetians and the Ingush is just one of many rifts between ethnic groups in the Caucasus Mountains region that have made southern Russia a seedbed for violence for so many years.’
    • ‘The author does not include Nart sagas from other ethnic groups among whom the sagas are strongly represented, namely the Ossetes, Balkars and Karachays, nor those weakly represented, such as the Ingush, Chechens or Svans.’
    • ‘It is now known that they had trained in and arrived from Ingushetia, which is unfortunate, as there has been long-standing hostility between the Ossetians and the Ingush, so old wounds have reopened.’
    • ‘One could also name the Cherkess and Ingush in the Caucasus or the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine, all of whom were the victims of mass deportation from the 1860s to the 1940s, as evidence that suffering alone rarely motivates rebellion.’
    • ‘Russian media have speculated that the gunmen could belong to separatist forces under the field commander, an Ingush who is believed to have led a mass assault on Ingushetia in June.’
    • ‘No good could come of attacks on the Ingush, he said: only escalating trouble, even a fresh war.’
    • ‘Ossetians say the end of the mourning period could herald an outbreak of inter-ethnic violence among Ossetians and ethnic Ingush who live there.’
    • ‘The Ingush and Ossetians fought a 10-day war in 1992 over rights to land as Ingush tried to return to their homes half a century after being sent into exile with the Chechens under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.’
    • ‘They believe there was one Korean, one Russian national, the rest were made up of Ingush, one or two northern Ossetians, and the remainder were Chechen.’
    • ‘He did not, however, shed any light on the fact that hundreds of young Ingush and Daghestanis, alienated by corruption and unemployment, are flocking to fight under his banner and participated in his raids in Ingushetia and Daghestan.’
    • ‘While most of the hostage takers were from Chechnya, eight were ethnic Ingush.’
  • 2mass noun The North Caucasian language of the Ingush.


  • Relating to the Ingush or their language.

    ‘‘Let's assume that some hotheads decide to settle scores with Ingush citizens,’ said the former president of Ingushetia, and a negotiator for Russian authorities during the siege.’
    • ‘The presence of Ingush raiders could threaten to inflame long-standing tensions between them and ethnic Ossetians, who are the majority in the republic of North Ossetia where the school was seized.’
    • ‘Most have been taken in by Ingush families, while roughly 77,000 live in tent colonies and rail carriages.’
    • ‘An Ingush police officer said: ‘Everything is normal.’’
    • ‘As security is beefed up following the Ingush attacks, preparations are being made for presidential elections in the republic on August 29.’
    • ‘Ingushetia's Bela Camp, which houses up to 3,500 displaced Chechens, is closed by the Ingush authorities.’
    • ‘He also deported the entire Ingush population and gave their land to Ossetians.’
    • ‘Three security force officers were wounded in the operation to capture Sambiyev in the Ingush city of Nazran.’
    • ‘Companies registered in Ingushetia had to pay ‘fees’ to the Ingush authorities and their Moscow partners, but then legally thumbed their noses at Russia's tax authorities.’
    • ‘Three high-ranking North Ossetian and Ingush police officers were charged with negligence in October.’
    • ‘The Chechen and Ingush people were lumped together as one nation, which neither relished, and there had to be other cases where the frontier of one nation might divide, or engulf, another.’
    • ‘Police discovered and destroyed the shells on Saturday near the Ingush capital Magas, the Interfax-Yug news agency quoted the official as saying.’
    • ‘The rivalry with the Ingush and Chechen neighbors is so well rooted that there is no need to specify which ‘the certain regions’ are.’