Meaning of inhumanly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈhjuːmənli/


See inhuman

‘Three thousand years ago in ancient Egypt they painted their eyelids with malachite, because we are so constituted, our desires are so acute, that inhumanly large eyes attract us more than anything nature can give us.’
  • ‘I felt that Singapore was quite inhumanly clean, the lack of cigarette butts and litter in the streets makes it seem so.’
  • ‘I first found myself in Dominica's Carib territory after fleeing the inhumanly high register of an American jazz diva in neighbouring Martinique.’
  • ‘It punctures all their carefully crafted movie-of-the-week fictions about inhumanly perfect, noble, victimized minorities.’
  • ‘The physical feats they are able to accomplish with relative ease seem inhumanly impossible for the rest of us who have to deal with gravity and lower back pain.’