Meaning of initial public offering in English:

initial public offering


Stock Market
  • An act of offering the stock of a company on a public stock exchange for the first time.

    ‘When stocks are soaring and initial public offerings are raking in the money, it can seem like a bull market will never end.’
    • ‘Just a couple of years ago, initial public offerings and other equity offerings were glorious, champagne-drenched occasions.’
    • ‘The past year has seen four initial public offerings of media stocks, and three more are expected by year end.’
    • ‘Now he's planning to cash in with an initial public offering of stock in Las Vegas Sands, the entity that controls his casinos.’
    • ‘What distinguished this offering from previous initial public offerings was that the company was not profitable.’
    • ‘It specialises in private placings, bond offerings, secondary offerings and initial public offerings.’
    • ‘Early in his tenure as chairman, he made the NYSE into a powerhouse for initial public offerings, grabbing business that once belonged to NASDAQ.’
    • ‘The electrical company is now thinking of either spinning off shares of Legrand to shareholders or placing an initial public offering of Legrand shares.’
    • ‘After a year-long drought of initial public offerings in the sector, two biotech companies went public in the past three weeks, and 14 more would like to join them.’
    • ‘This new discriminating attitude has shown up in the stock prices of two recent initial public offerings.’
    • ‘That's when the bonds first hit the market, sort of like when stocks get introduced through an initial public offering.’
    • ‘As the stock markets fell, the window for initial public offerings shut and companies faced harsh trading conditions.’
    • ‘A formal announcement of the initial public offering of shares on the stock market in March will likely be made in the next two weeks.’
    • ‘A surge in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and brokerage activity ensued.’
    • ‘Sooner or later, he says, the Big Board will have to sell shares in an initial public offering and he'll make a killing.’
    • ‘They are launched via an initial public offering that issues a fixed number of shares.’
    • ‘The Japanese market was hailed at its 2000 launch as the first link in NASDAQ's plan to span the globe with 24-hour trading and hot initial public offerings.’
    • ‘Given the paucity of Latin American initial public offerings in the last five years, they know their most likely exit will be selling to a local or international investor in the same line of business.’
    • ‘As investors chased initial public offerings in the late 1990s, they concocted some odd ways to gauge the prospects of companies with lots of buzz but little or no profits.’
    • ‘As a result, only three biotech companies had gone public by May 31, compared with an average of 25 initial public offerings per quarter last year.’