Meaning of injection moulding in English:

injection moulding



mass noun
  • The shaping of rubber or plastic articles by injecting heated material into a mould.

    ‘Police visited the factory, which carries out plastic injection moulding and have ruled out any suspicious circumstances.’
    • ‘There, he produced flame resistant materials based on acetyl cellulose and also pioneered the process of injection moulding of plastics.’
    • ‘For example, plants specializing in plastic injection molding, used to make outer shells and knobs for electronics equipment, have seen explosive growth in El Paso, according to Hanson.’
    • ‘It has now moved into injection molding and plastic pipe products.’
    • ‘Derived from plastic injection molding, powder injection molding employs a mixture of metal powder and polymeric binder.’
    • ‘Independent custom molders, who made marketable parts and products, experimented in the 1930s with injection molding of thermoplastics, which eventually almost replaced compression molding of thermoset resins.’
    • ‘The advent of exciting technologies like pellet injection molding and thermoforming created thousands of jobs and cemented Holloway's reputation as the Thermoforming Capital of the Tri-State area.’
    • ‘Moreover, with each advance in the state of the art in injection molding, injection-molded parts have become increasingly more complex and organically shaped.’
    • ‘Gilreath specialized in custom injection molding for the auto industry and was headed by CEO Leon Tupper since 1991.’
    • ‘Many of these are used as thermoplastics that are shaped and processed by means of injection molding and extrusion.’
    • ‘Vienna has assumed the mantle of benchmark plant for Delphi's plastic injection molding facilities worldwide, and as such implements the company's best ideas under one roof.’
    • ‘In addition to the attributes mentioned above, the material's benefits include its compatibility with injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding processes and its ability to bond with a variety of substrates.’
    • ‘His chips, the size of a half-dollar or smaller, are made with two layers of rubber, relying on a technique similar to injection molding used to make toys.’
    • ‘A piece of material is manufactured by conventional methods like extrusion or injection molding from the melt.’
    • ‘The new resources will be used to develop and test new plastics, evaluate applications and processes, provide technical support, and research new methods of injection molding, coextrusion, and thermoforming.’
    • ‘The Kydex alloy is compatible with a wide variety of manufacturing processes, including injection molding and vacuum, pressure, and thermoforming.’
    • ‘The production process of thermoplastic parts for exterior and interior applications comprises three main steps: injection moulding, painting and assembly.’
    • ‘Migrating to the surface of the cap, they give good release during injection moulding, but more importantly they give the slip or torque release effect which allows the cap to be twisted easily on and off the bottle.’
    • ‘Their core manufacturing strengths are in labels, packaging and injection moulding.’
    • ‘The components produced by this method are similar to those produced by injection moulding.’