Meaning of injudiciously in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪndʒʊˈdɪʃəsli/


See injudicious

‘However, when used injudiciously on animation, it wipes out portions of the image that should be retained.’
  • ‘Two such academics were so upset by the broadcast they injudiciously let the cat out of the bag completely.’
  • ‘Maybe it is time that Taiwan's intellectuals step forward and launch another newspaper boycott - as was the case 10 years ago when the United Daily News injudiciously printed stories that appeared to be designed to stir up fear in Taiwan.’
  • ‘In our submission, the primary judge improperly, and somewhat injudiciously, instructed counsel for the respondents in our absence on the morning of 20 November, and then was misled by a flawed transcript.’
  • ‘He invested recklessly and injudiciously in schemes that became an ever-increasing drain on his family's savings.’