Meaning of inland navigation in English:

inland navigation


mass noun
  • Transportation by canals and rivers.

    ‘a project for increasing inland navigation’
    • ‘Congress on Inland Navigations’
    • ‘Coastal voyages between U.S. seaports and inland navigation along its rivers and canals are governed by state and federal laws.’
    • ‘The gradual improvement in transport through inland navigation, turnpikes, and finally railways brought Warwickshire into the national orbit.’
    • ‘The historians of inland navigation, of all transport historians, had the most difficulty in escaping from the trap of local history.’
    • ‘The integration of inland navigation provides growth opportunities for both bulk freight and miscellaneous goods, wherever reliability is more important than speed.’
    • ‘The same developments led to the emergence of a new field of study called ‘maritime history’, as opposed to inland navigation studies.’