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Pronunciation /ˈɪnmeɪt/

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  • 1A person confined to an institution such as a prison or hospital.

    ‘inmates of the Louisiana State Penitentiary’
    • ‘In recent times, actions against prison authorities by inmates have become increasingly common.’
    • ‘The next crime for which I would sanction the death penalty is the murder of either a prison officer or another inmate whilst serving a life sentence.’
    • ‘It is a prison that does not require these new powers to allow prison officers to control inmates.’
    • ‘It also contains a door with two large glass panels which allows prison officers to observe inmates.’
    • ‘It will be a far cry from North Sea Camp open prison where inmates have keys to their own rooms.’
    • ‘The wearing of ritual jewellery must be risk-assessed by prison officers before the inmate is allowed to place it around the neck.’
    • ‘These claims do not include allegations of assault by a prison officer on an inmate.’
    • ‘The inmates of the prison were given an introduction on tackling mental stress.’
    • ‘The prisons are hosting more inmates than they were initially built to handle.’
    • ‘In real prison situations, inmates are ready to sell body and soul for a stale crust of bread - anything!’
    • ‘Those members are advocating a system where there is no incentive not to abuse prison inmates.’
    • ‘Also, there are four inmates staying at the prison who are about to finish their sentences.’
    • ‘This approach is altered at the final concert, where Cash performs to the inmates of Folsom Prison.’
    • ‘If a man who is in charge of inmates breaks prison regulations, he should be charged.’
    • ‘Since then we have seen a huge increase in the demand from prison inmates for such a service.’
    • ‘Is a person entitled to receive all accident compensation entitlements while he or she is an inmate in a penal institution?’
    • ‘Before an inmate could use one of the phones the prison service had to activate it.’
    • ‘Within three years, there would be one prison inmate for every six students completing high school.’
    • ‘There is a story of a man who visited a prison and asked each inmate what he had done wrong.’
    • ‘We have a special housing unit where they house the inmates they interrogate.’
    patient, inpatient, hospital case
    prisoner, convict, captive, detainee, internee
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    1. 1.1 archaic One of several occupants of a house.
      ‘When asked about reality television she tells me she was interested in Big Brother when Germaine Greer was an inmate of the house.’
      • ‘There is a wonderful scene at the start of Lukas Moodysson's film when the inmates of the house argue about the washing up.’
      • ‘The interiors of these houses and their inmates corresponded with the exteriors.’
      • ‘The author shows that he was an invaluable one to McCullers, the house's first inmate.’


Late 16th century (denoting a person who shared a house, specifically a lodger or subtenant): probably originally from inn+ mate, later associated with in.