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Pronunciation /ˈɪnə/

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  • 1Situated inside or further in; internal.

    ‘an inner courtyard’
    • ‘the inner thigh’
    • ‘We pass through the arch and inside to the inner courtyard.’
    • ‘Ornate doorways offer glimpses of inner courtyards and enticing interiors; many are university buildings, but just as many are candlelit bistros and bars.’
    • ‘My legs are really sore today, stiff in places and ways I'm not used to… calves, inner thighs, quads, glutes and that crease just inside the hip at the top of the leg.’
    • ‘The report claims that the shape of the wreckage fragments also proves the bomb was attached to the aircraft's inner wall rather than inside the luggage container.’
    • ‘Today's reusable nappies are shaped with Velcro fastenings, washable outer and inner liners and an inside liner which can be flushed away.’
    • ‘All three will be open during the week, giving non-masons a rare peep inside the grand inner temple and a chance to see the ceremonial regalia.’
    • ‘With your knees about shoulder width, slowly roll forward on the ball until you're balanced on top of it by just the insides of your knees and the lower half of your inner thighs.’
    • ‘In the houses of prominent persons and local notables, another set of stairs is located immediately inside the front door without a view of the inner sanctuary of the courtyard.’
    • ‘A wireless transmitter is strapped in a garter to my inner thigh and a video rig is micro-contained inside horn-rimmed glasses.’
    • ‘Theo reached inside his jacket, putting the blueprints in his inner vest pocket and pulling out his gloves he had put in at the last minute.’
    • ‘If, on the other hand, your feet are touching the inside of your opponent's inner thighs then they are usually too shallow.’
    • ‘If they're not, they need to be in their homes in an internal situation, in an inner side room, no windows.’
    • ‘By adding an inner layer of cover inside a hoop and picking cold-hardy varieties, you can grow right through winter - even in the coldest climates.’
    • ‘Drill 4 holes, one in each corner inside the inner line.’
    • ‘The new plan provides complete protection right inside the inner part which is south of the river; this makes a great place to leave your dinghy if there is a swell at the main dock.’
    • ‘They appeared in the stable yard, just inside the inner gates.’
    • ‘It's important to moisturize your skin from the inside to keep the inner layers of the skin from drying out and to provide necessary nutrients to the surface.’
    • ‘Inside, an inner armature repeats the sweep of the outer structure, and the visitor is enveloped by emerald garden mesh.’
    • ‘The cabinet defines an outer region outside of the computer system and an inner region inside of the computer system.’
    • ‘The signs will divert all through traffic away from the city centre onto designated inner and outer orbital routes.’
    internal, interior, inside, inmost, innermost, intramural
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    1. 1.1Close to the centre.
      ‘inner London’
      • ‘In recent years, Laganside Corporation has transformed the inner core of Belfast city centre, specifically along the Lagan river and in the surrounding area.’
      • ‘It is a shocking fact that despite the vast tracts of industrial wasteland in inner Glasgow the city now has a shortage of developable land.’
      • ‘In some inner London boroughs, 54% of children are living in poverty and this is simply unacceptable.’
      • ‘Only inner Sydney, the eastern suburbs, and the lower north had a smaller proportion.’
      central, innermost, mid, middle, interior, nuclear
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    2. 1.2Close to the centre of power.
      ‘the inner cabinet’
      • ‘This issue will provide the people of York with a chance to see if the new inner cabinet and scrutiny committees are any more effective in dealing with the siting of controversial Park and Ride sites than people power.’
      • ‘The extent of these divisions, however, made Major suspicious of his Cabinet colleagues and increasingly he began to rely upon an inner cabinet of policy advisors.’
      • ‘February 1986 - Yeltsin is made a candidate member of the politburo, the inner cabinet of the Soviet Union's ruling party.’
      • ‘An inner cabinet in Tokyo authorized Japan's only officially sanctioned diplomatic initiative.’
      • ‘This weekend, the inner cabinet is preparing the ground for the latest U-turn, which they hope will square Souter and Cardinal Winning.’
      • ‘First, there are divergent views within the inner Cabinet on the strategic importance of the recent meetings held in Helsinki.’
      • ‘The vice president is in effect the prime minister of the inner cabinet.’
      • ‘With a 179 majority after 1997, he could afford to ignore it altogether and rule through an inner cabinet.’
      • ‘These charges were absolutely correct, and reflect much credit on Callaghan and his inner Cabinet.’
      • ‘Its citizens would directly elect its own president, who would choose a cabinet, with an inner core of MEPs at Strasbourg acting as a democratic counterbalance.’
      • ‘This week, in the wake of Newman's retirement, Abbott was promoted into Howard's inner cabinet as Workplace Relations Minister.’
      • ‘But to elevate them to an inner cabinet committee is a qualitative step toward non-elected rule.’
      • ‘Two members of the inner war cabinet were from the Labour Party.’
      • ‘But as a member of the inner cabinet or cabal, his judgement seems less good than his spirit.’
      • ‘This followed Hitler's taking over command of the German army in February of 1938 and his setting up of an inner foreign policy cabinet which met in secret.’
      • ‘But he is a man with his own agenda and not part of Chirac's inner core of close associates.’
      privileged, restricted, exclusive, secret, private, confidential, intimate
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  • 2Mental or spiritual.

    ‘a test of inner strength’
    • ‘For others there may be even greater challenges when deep inner emotional and spiritual conflicts emerge.’
    • ‘‘He has a mental strength and an inner conviction about his ability that I have come to admire,’ Ellis said.’
    • ‘Then a metaphor focusing on spiritual inner strength and age progression was introduced.’
    • ‘His baby face belies his inner strength and mental toughness in the mountains.’
    • ‘Silent space dissolves the gap, it creates an inner spaciousness where mental, emotional and spiritual needs are brought together, appreciated and nourished.’
    • ‘It's where most of my family live and friends live and the sum of many things physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual that create my inner landscape.’
    • ‘Many Eastern breathing practices help you develop physical strength, spiritual growth and inner peace.’
    • ‘To use herbs and inner wisdom is a spiritual, psychic and intuitive process.’
    • ‘Their personalities complemented each other and seemed to personify George's psychic, inner conflicts.’
    • ‘This adds to the psychological burden and inner conflict that homosexuals may have, seriously influencing their lives and mental health.’
    • ‘Their real universe is the spiritual realm of the inner life.’
    • ‘Her third eye represents the creative vision of the artist, a kind of inner perception mingled with spirituality.’
    • ‘But I think it also does carry the idea of the internal vision, the inner eye.’
    • ‘After couple of months, I felt a change inside my inner self.’
    • ‘If she gets more close to exploring her inner life than she can bear, she often will feel a strong burning sensation in her abdomen.’
    • ‘An elder looks not to the external beauty of a creature, but to their inner power, for it is within our souls that the power of Divinity rests, and it is the soul of a person that truly matters.’
    • ‘Then Christ's image is revived, and our distorted features become harmonized by the inner power of divine beauty working in us.’
    • ‘I thought I saw the power of an inner gaze, a power which when looking outward sees through and beyond to what is really there.’
    • ‘Also, you seem to know much about inner strength and the powers I have been given.’
    • ‘Stay with them and it isn't hard to see how their hypnotic quality has the power to induce an extraordinary sensation of inner peace and a state of almost transcendental contemplation.’
    mental, intellectual, psychological, psychic, spiritual, emotional
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    1. 2.1(of thoughts or feelings) private and not expressed or discernible.
      ‘inner feelings’
      • ‘a speaker's inner thoughts’
      • ‘How much do you share your inner feelings or secrets with your best friend?’
      • ‘These wonderful complements would extend your inner thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, and your experiences.’
      • ‘His calm gaze masked inner feelings of frustrated anger.’
      • ‘A sadness reflecting her inner feelings and unspoken thoughts.’
      • ‘It is impossible to know the man's inner thoughts, so intimately linked as he is to machines, a set of cold devices enabling him to move, speak, and breathe.’
      • ‘This is the real me, everything from my secrets to my inner thoughts.’
      • ‘Jerry could feel her emotions surge, as her inner thought suddenly manifested feelings of remorse, regret, sadness, and guilt.’
      • ‘You allow yourself to ponder for a moment, ever so briefly, if the other person had the slightest indication of your inner thoughts.’
      • ‘But by launching into the realm of her inner thoughts it makes the show less about the work and more about her.’
      • ‘Some authors aim at a narrative of drama, skipping the plateaux of family life or inner thoughts and move through a series of peaks of achievement.’
      • ‘Disaster dreams reveal a connection between your inner feelings and outer actions.’
      • ‘They have to learn that there are people who love them dearly without knowing how to express or show their inner feelings.’
      • ‘In spite of that, Williams speculates that she won't be happy to see her inner thoughts in print.’
      • ‘This plot device enables us to hear Nicholson's inner feelings without resort to awkward monologues.’
      • ‘Do something different - don't follow everybody else, go with your inner feelings.’
      • ‘Everyone has inner feelings about themselves that no one else knows about.’
      • ‘It is a law of nature that inner thoughts will manifest an outer counterpart in due time.’
      • ‘The audience hears their inner thoughts as they go about their lives home in the office or out and about.’
      • ‘Friends and associates rarely realize just how sensitive these people truly are because it isn't easy to probe this sign's inner feelings, or arouse deep passion.’
      • ‘Build up your inner feelings so they project only love for others.’
      unapparent, veiled, obscure, esoteric, hidden, secret, unrevealed
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    2. 2.2Denoting a concealed or unacknowledged part of a person's personality.
      ‘it's time to get in touch with your inner geek’
      • ‘join a choir and give voice to that inner diva who has been hidden away too long’
      • ‘When we finally realise our inner strength, we can make some progress.’
      • ‘Tell her to find her own inner beauty because you know it's there.’


  • 1The inner part of something.

    ‘using his rock shoes as inners for his double boots’
    • ‘The Romans are documented wearing padding under their mailshirts which consisted of two layers of linen either side of a felt inner.’
    • ‘But once his gloves, pads, inners and headgear became unable to accommodate any more bespoke alterations, he turned his fussing towards his dietary requirements.’
    • ‘After a huge search, I finally found the cushion inners - everyone wants to sell ready-covered ones, but the uncovered versions are hard to find.’
    • ‘They looked like they had been assembled from the cardboard tube inners of toilet rolls.’
    • ‘The lightweight vest is made from a Sportwool inner which wicks moisture away from the body and transfers it to the front of the garment producing a cooling effect.’
    • ‘Nolan watched the race from the inner of the racetrack and every manic tic of his fevered reaction was captured by the television cameras.’
    • ‘I particularly like the feel of it when worn without the fleecy inner.’
    • ‘He got a long way back and tried to thread his way through the field on the inner on the final turn.’
    • ‘Items that might come in handy around the place - duvet inners, bookshelves, power tools - I eschew.’
    • ‘These coats are basically a heavy cotton outer and a fake fur inner.’
    • ‘Our synthetic inners are hypo-allergenic and our feather/down option is non-allergenic.’
    • ‘The exhaust manifolds are dual-skin, with stainless steel inners.’
    • ‘The lower fascia, door inners and headliner uses an ivory leather.’
    • ‘He is also hoping that a spares supplier will offer to donate or subsidise solid inners for the tyres, so that the bikes will not be out of action with punctures too often.’
    • ‘Bodyside inners, for example, are made from low carbon laser welded blanks.’
    • ‘The technology for building aluminum inners and mating them to aluminum outers is much more difficult.’
    • ‘The various moon boot types with inners are all adequate.’
    • ‘So, for example, on a stamping for a door inner, the area where the hinge will be located will be stronger than other areas, where there are fewer physical demands.’
    • ‘I often find the book outer way better than the inner.’
    • ‘He wears the inner of a football helmet to protect his skull, which is baby soft.’
    1. 1.1(in archery and shooting) a division of the target next to the bullseye.
      • ‘She cleared her magazine of bullets, taking aim and hitting three shots in the outer rings, two in the inner.’
    2. 1.2A shot that strikes the inner.
      • ‘the Doctor found the bull, and held it to the close, while Servis only scored inners’


Old English innerra, innra, comparative of in.