Meaning of inner circle in English:

inner circle



  • An exclusive group close to the centre of power of an organization or movement, regarded as elitist and secretive.

    ‘he is set to kick out three of the most revered business leaders from his inner circle of advisers’
    • ‘But slowly, they moved closer to the inner circles of power.’
    • ‘Typical is the leading German news magazine Der Spiegel, which sells close to two million copies and maintains close contacts to the inner circles of the government.’
    • ‘Women tend to be excluded from inner circles of power and influence.’
    • ‘He exercises power and purges his inner circle much as Stalin did and Stalin, remember, died in his bed.’
    • ‘Aboard the chartered jet the Prime Minister and his inner circle were outnumbered by his travelling media circus by a ratio of almost ten to one.’
    • ‘Most people in the inner circles at the department have heard rumors about his connections to the New York Mob, but there's never any evidence to prove it.’
    • ‘One answer might be that in the inner circles of power the global War on Terror qualifies as a war only in a metaphorical sense, comparable, say, to the War on Poverty or the War on Drugs.’
    • ‘Every step has been taken to assure that the secret remains within the inner circle.’
    • ‘In short they, from what I have seen, struck me as people who have fallen prey to that disease that attacks those people who aim hard to get into big political inner circles: political insularity and self-interest.’
    • ‘While few outside the inner circles of the US government know how many genuine threats have been thwarted, many Americans are becoming blasé in the face of what one New York taxi driver described as the ‘threat du jour’.’
    • ‘I don't think most people except the inner circle in Washington know anything about her.’
    • ‘How did you have access to information only available to the inner circle of Nixon's staff?’
    • ‘The inner circle around the prime minister is still predominantly male.’
    • ‘Did people in the inner circles of evangelical life utilize these alternative moral visions to sustain their support of secession and war?’
    • ‘From its inner circle emerged the leadership of the Christian Democratic Party after 1945.’
    • ‘It was chaired by the prime minister and attended by his inner circle.’
    • ‘He noted that in Nixon's first four years, the top writers were just outside the inner circles of the White House, in close contact with policy makers and unafraid to take policy positions themselves.’
    • ‘It's been reported that of the inner circle at the White House, you were the most hawkish.’
    • ‘The truth is that most people who say stuff like this really want to be part of the small important group, the inner circle.’
    • ‘People who had been purged from office in the post-communist era were now back in the inner circle.’
    clique, set, circle, inner circle, crowd, in-crowd, gang, band, pack, crew, clan, club, fellowship, brotherhood, fraternity, sorority, sect, camp, community, league, alliance, faction, cabal, junta, caucus, syndicate, nucleus, cell