Meaning of insanitary in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈsanɪt(ə)ri/

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  • So dirty or germ-ridden as to be a danger to health.

    ‘insanitary conditions’
    • ‘Newspaper leading articles stressed the dangers of the insanitary conditions in the city.’
    • ‘Their health also suffered from insanitary conditions, overcrowding, and a poor diet due to lack of cooking facilities.’
    • ‘The sale of so many houses which were purpose-built to provide homes for those who could not pay market rents and the increase in rentals have left people of all ages living in overcrowded and often insanitary conditions.’
    • ‘In South East Asia, it means tackling insanitary, overcrowded living conditions, installing clean water and sewage systems, and proper public hygiene regimes.’
    • ‘He warned that the situated could be aggravated due to faulty water supplies and insanitary conditions in many suburbs of the city.’
    • ‘Trench foot is an infection of the feet caused by wet and insanitary conditions.’
    • ‘There are currently about 500,000 displaced people in Liberia, most of whom live in crowded insanitary conditions in temporary shelters or the ruins of abandoned buildings in and around the capital Monrovia.’
    • ‘Tackling insanitary, overcrowded living conditions, installing clean water and sewage systems, and proper public hygiene regimes are other key steps.’
    • ‘It is a disease of overcrowding, insanitary conditions and poor personal hygiene, and affects mostly children of developing countries.’
    • ‘It was held that the sanitary condition of those cottages - or rather their insanitary condition - was a matter of public interest.’
    • ‘A visit there opens with Robert Baker's description of Leeds in 1842 and an invitation to tour the reconstructed unhealthy and insanitary streets of the town.’
    • ‘He risked his neck in speeding, overcrowded buses with bald tyres, he was shot at by bandits, robbed and spat at, obliged to sleep in malarial flop houses and insanitary trains and to wait interminably.’
    • ‘With whole families living side by side, often crammed into a few square feet of space, the communities are now crowded and insanitary dots of green in a vast inland sea.’
    • ‘Diseases from insanitary drinking water killed thousands each year.’
    • ‘From the late 1850s, when Henry Parkes chaired an inquiry into the condition of Sydney's working class, reformers had identified pockets of overcrowded, insanitary housing in the back streets of Sydney and Melbourne.’
    • ‘Along with damp, insanitary housing and poor schools and public services went appalling figures of child illness and mortality, tuberculosis for the middle-aged, lung disease for miners, and physical deformity for the old.’
    • ‘Until the 1840s, there was a ceiling to growth, which condemned people to the misery of subsisting in crowded, insanitary cities or rural hovels.’
    • ‘The death rate in the insanitary towns was so high, especially among children, that they could not have flourished without this steady inflow of man and woman power.’
    • ‘In the great, insanitary cities of newly industrializing Europe and America, opportunities for infection were legion.’
    • ‘The temporary living accommodation was inadequate and insanitary, so that half the workers preferred to commute from Detroit.’
    unhygienic, unsanitary, dirty, filthy, unclean, impure, contaminated, polluted, foul, feculent, infected, infested, germ-ridden, disease-ridden, unhealthy, insalubrious, unwholesome, deleterious, detrimental, harmful
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