Meaning of insect repellent in English:

insect repellent

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(also insect repellant)
  • A substance that deters insects from approaching or settling.

    ‘mosquitoes are kept at bay by the slow burning of an insect repellent’
    • ‘apply insect repellent to exposed skin in the evening and at night’
    • ‘It is wise to take precautions to reduce the risk by using insect repellent, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants when outdoors, and staying inside during peak mosquito hours at dusk and dawn.’
    • ‘Insect repellents for humans and shampoos or collars containing insecticide for pets can help control or reduce tick infestations.’
    • ‘We roamed a couple of blocks each way like a pack of puppies, stinking of insect repellent and sweat.’
    • ‘The plant's toxic and bitter sap is a natural insect repellent.’
    • ‘If you don't mind smelling like an Italian salad, rub fresh basil leaves onto the skin as both an insect repellent and for calming relief of stings.’
    • ‘Prevention is better than cure, and insect repellents and sprays are the first step in self-protection.’
    • ‘The dark-blue berries of juniper can be crushed and dabbed on as an insect repellent.’
    • ‘Armed with good humor and lots of insect repellant, a group of students, staff, and assorted herpetologists spent last summer building a "toad tunnel" to allow amphibians safe passage across a preserve near campus.’
    • ‘Nowadays, I leave Britain armed with insect repellant of the plug-in type, plus spray, plus personal roll-on repellant.’
    • ‘The creams may also contain sun screen or insect repellant to help protect the soldier from environmental hazards.’