Meaning of inselberg in English:



  • An isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly from a plain.

    ‘The rock exposures are rather poor, except for some scattered inselbergs and massifs of biotite-hornblende gneisses.’
    • ‘Nectarinia moreaui is restricted to the montane inselbergs of the south-central Eastern Arc Mountains and is, therefore, a range-restricted endemic to Tanzania.’
    • ‘Porembski et al. proposed that the high plant species diversity found in inselbergs within the Atlantic forest domain is partially due to exchange of species between the rocky habitats and the canopy of neighbouring forests.’
    • ‘Many CAM families, i.e. Cactaceae, Crassu laceae, Euphorbiaceae, Agavaceae, Bromeliaceae and Orchidaceae, are frequently found on inselbergs in the palaeotropics and the neotropics.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, data on mycorrhizal function and interactions in an ecophysiological context are lacking for plants growing in inselbergs, especially for CAM plants.’
    high ground, rising ground, prominence, eminence, elevation, rise, hillock, mound, mount, knoll, hummock, tor, tump, fell, pike, mesa



/ˈɪns(ə)lbəːɡ/ /ˈɪnz(ə)lbəːɡ/


Early 20th century from German, from Insel ‘island’ + Berg ‘mountain’.