Meaning of inside country in English:

inside country


mass noundated Australian
  • Comparatively settled areas, as distinct from the outback.

    ‘the inside country was nearer the coast and the capitals’
    • ‘Some people have been trying to make light of the breeding for stud purposes of sheep in the inside country.’
    • ‘The work had always, at least in the inside country, a lot to do with clearing forests to make pasture.’
    • ‘Closer settlement policies have largely excluded them from the inside country.’
    • ‘Federal taxation more greatly affects the freehold stations in the inside country.’
    • ‘In most of the inside country there was an abundance of dry feed.’
    • ‘He's just returned from several trips into the inside country.’
    • ‘He was head stockman on Marion for three years, then went up to the inside country.’
    • ‘The pattern of cattle distribution was established with store cattle sold for fattening in the inside country.’
    • ‘They found the highest densities of red kangaroos in the inside country of north-west New South Wales.’
    • ‘Rabbits will thrive there as well as in the inside country.’