Meaning of insofar in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnsə(ʊ)ˈfɑː/


(also in so far)
‘This area is of huge importance insofar that within the area is the Gaelscoil and the council's playground.’
  • ‘He intimately understands the idea of deterrence insofar that once he has a nuke, he will be able to deter other powers from countering his ambitions in the region.’
  • ‘It was something which one felt ought to be done by a Briton, insofar that it was our distance, our measurement, the Imperial mile.’
  • ‘It has already begun to exist, in a preborn form, insofar that it exists in the hearts and minds of her expatriates, her numerous émigrés and defectors, as well as citizens at home.’
  • ‘But let us admit it: foreigners get interested in Egyptian education only insofar it's good for business.’
  • ‘This is a ‘neutral’ theory of the state insofar that the state has recourse to a wide body of law and definite notions on particular moral issues, backed up with force.’
  • ‘‘Ulan’ consists of a bass guitar plucked once every minute or so, accompanied by some desultory tom hits; the listener's interest is sustained insofar that he wonders whether the next note will ever come.’
  • ‘For Bookchin, the latter form of anarchism is positive insofar it advocates individual liberty, but it ultimately undermines the broader goals of anarchism by focusing on transient notions of individualism.’
  • ‘The consequences of the bloody defeats suffered by the working class in Latin America in the 1960s and 1970s can still be felt, particularly insofar they are not worked through consciously.’
  • ‘This order gave rise to belief that the defendant was granted the procedural fairness guaranteed by common law insofar that he would be given an opportunity to be heard and be allowed to provide proper evidence.’
  • ‘He felt a passing fondness for me - insofar that I had taken him off the streets and given him a purpose.’
  • ‘But only insofar that film cannot avoid being so.’
  • ‘Hence, insofar a distinction between their accidental and essential properties has any application, it is dependent on these same considerations.’
  • ‘Citizenship and Democracy in a Global Era is a somewhat strange collection insofar that it is both useful and frustrating.’
  • ‘You can think of it in a historical context insofar that it has been on the national agenda for a long time to pursue racial equality.’
  • ‘In every good act that we do, we imitate God insofar that we ultimately bring good to all humanity.’
  • ‘In my view, however, the committee should only take them into account insofar they come into that category.’
  • ‘The present study was limited in this regard insofar that behaviour change was not assessed.’


    insofar as
    • To the extent that.

      • ‘the tool is able to cater to almost any need insofar as graphs are concerned’