Meaning of inspirit in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈspɪrɪt/

verbinspirits, inspiriting, inspirited

[with object]
  • Encourage and enliven (someone)

    ‘the photograph, published in a newspaper, was meant to inspirit the troops’
    • ‘I'm still inspirited by how authentically she captures-she incarnates-Smith's signature style, her particular way of voicing herself, of being in the world.’
    • ‘From ‘the cacophonous and diligent howling’ of dogs to the ‘enchanting and inspiriting sound of mandolins’, the paired adjectives are ‘correct and satisfactory’.’
    • ‘To see the history I was engaged with being protected to maintain the large, inspiriting Nightingale narrative was a sobering, but not baffling, experience.’
    • ‘And Reagan sort of inspirits the nation, gives it a feeling that it has shared values and a better future.’
    • ‘Through the bleak winter months they travailed, lifting their fitness levels to unprecedented levels and inspirited their collective resolve.’
    • ‘The subsequent photograph, published in a newspaper, was meant to inspirit the troops in Vietnam.’
    • ‘From this call-and-response interaction with Joyce, Lucas gains strength, and from their musical fusion emerges the blues catharsis that defines him and inspirits his people.’
    • ‘The frightened country can lose that which inspirits it.’
    • ‘Whether song or soul, it is the form that inspirits the matter and gives it its life.’
    • ‘The run-down ones stand out stark and skeletonized, yet still meaningful and inspirited like the collected rocks of Stonehenge and the exposed walls of Indian ruins.’
    • ‘The flayed skin in The Last Judgment has the status of a mask; an entire body, putatively that of the author, has been turned into a larva, an empty and inanimate persona void of inspiriting energy.’
    • ‘By encompassing the political arena, the Ulster Literary Theatre stood in marked contrast to the Abbey company, which struggled to exclude from its theater ‘the inspiriting turmoil of the nation in the streets.’’
    • ‘But, however mindful, like Federigo, of the common weal in difficult times - ‘the key guards the castle and the thorn bush the cow’ - James was less inspiriting.’
    • ‘But let's not continue to confuse the tort system and the inspiriting charitable impulses that infuse both private and public compensation initiatives.’
    • ‘Watching this scrawny 17 year old scramble with all his might in an attempt to get into her truck was hilarious and, somehow, she found it very inspiriting.’
    • ‘In a healthy and inspirited organisation one would expect discussion and dialogue.’
    • ‘The well-oiled and inspirited propaganda machine functions superbly from Wall Street to Washington D.C.’
    • ‘Both inspirited and knowing, this boy always will find game.’
    • ‘He had a very strong look around him, a look that inspirited people in his presence.’
    encourage, act as a fillip to, act as a impetus to, act as a incentive to, act as a spur to, act as a stimulus to, prompt, prod, move, motivate, trigger, spark, spur on, galvanize, activate, kindle, fire, fire with enthusiasm, fuel, whet, nourish