Meaning of institutional racism in English:

institutional racism

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mass noun
  • Racial discrimination that has become established as normal behaviour within a society or organization.

    ‘recommendations for combating institutional racism’
    • ‘The most serious charge is that of institutional racism.’
    • ‘There are specific lessons that we can learn here from the inquiry about tackling institutional racism.’
    • ‘Many instances of institutional racism discovered by the inquiry capture the dehumanising effect of this outlook.’
    • ‘The association was accused of institutional racism by one of its senior members.’
    • ‘This was enacted in the context of concerns over institutional racism in public services.’
    • ‘It's also important to point out that government departments have a particular responsibility to deal with the issue of institutional racism.’
    • ‘Tackling institutional racism was still an important issue for the police and other institutions.’
    • ‘A new report has called for urgent action to tackle institutional racism in universities.’
    • ‘It is true that in recent years the police have made real efforts to crack down on institutional racism.’
    • ‘It is not surprising that the psychiatric services once again stand accused of institutional racism.’