Significado de insusceptible en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˌɪnsəˈsɛptɪb(ə)l/


  • Not likely to be affected.

    ‘the larvae are insusceptible to most treatments’
    • ‘Purpose, values and means of redemption are to be understood exclusively as matters particular and personal to the individual: privately created for the sole purpose of making him feel better, and insusceptible to universalisation.’
    • ‘From this it follows that a privative term, being insusceptible of differentiation, cannot be a generic differentia; for, if it were, there would be a common undifferentiated element in two different groups.’
    • ‘Presumably the cost of being insusceptible to bilayer tension often outweighs the benefits, especially where the in situ milieu of channels can provide mechanoprotection.’
    • ‘Well, I have this special Gift, you see, that allows me to dislodge the binding force of the molecules composing my body, therefore making me insusceptible to any form of attack.’
    • ‘In relation to the amendment, we do submit that the issue is exclusively one of construction and the different criterion that would trigger redundancy is insusceptible of being dealt with by evidence.’
    • ‘Given the size and complexity of the Tax Act, it is not a matter that is insusceptible to correction.’
    • ‘It is insusceptible of being accessed by the user of electricity further up in the main power lines.’
    impervious, insusceptible, immune, insensitive