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Pronunciation /ˈɪntɪɡreɪt/

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[with object]
  • 1Combine (one thing) with another to form a whole.

    ‘transport planning should be integrated with energy policy’
    • ‘a fully equipped laboratory is being integrated into the development’
    • ‘She also worked to make sure that all the green elements were properly integrated into the building as a whole so they work as a coordinated system.’
    • ‘But we need to look how these specific rules are integrated into the system as a whole.’
    • ‘The radio / CD, a front loader, together with the temperature control, forms the centre console, which in turn is integrated with the dashboard.’
    • ‘As part of this process, you will need advice on tax and corporate structuring to ensure that your American operation is properly integrated with the company as a whole.’
    • ‘On the whole, though, the flashbacks are clumsily integrated into the main action, and can't be salvaged by the staging.’
    • ‘The plane is integrated into the engine and that makes it much more efficient.’
    • ‘The computer animated sequences are seamlessly integrated into the traditionally animated sequences, and there are simply some astonishing visuals.’
    • ‘‘The idea was to bring in an artist at a very early stage in the design process so that the art piece is more integrated into the park,’ he said.’
    • ‘Increased awareness has led to a demand that these modern and contemporary traditions be integrated into art history curricula.’
    • ‘The fact is that Europe's economy is thoroughly integrated with that of the US, and is part of the whole global system of capital.’
    • ‘This new economy requires that economies of developing countries be integrated into world trade and their enterprises become competitive.’
    • ‘Twin exhaust pipes are integrated into the rear bumper.’
    • ‘At the back end, newly designed tailpipes are integrated into the bumpers, while chrome plated double exhaust pipes add sporting flashes to the design.’
    • ‘All East German tax records were integrated into those of West Germany and officials have ever since been painstakingly reconciling the two systems.’
    • ‘One of these is handled well, and ends up being a non-issue, because it's fully integrated into the script, used to define and develop character.’
    • ‘Documentary photographs are integrated with the text, reproductions in black and white appear in one insert, those in colour in another.’
    • ‘Its internet policy was integrated into the staff handbook.’
    • ‘For the next couple of weeks Scott will work with the cast and the director to ensure the sound effects are integrated into the play.’
    • ‘A tiny ECG unit is integrated into the shirt material, with three electrodes attached to the body.’
    • ‘The radio antenna is now integrated into the rear glass and five new paint colours will be available.’
    combine, amalgamate, merge, unite, join, fuse, blend, mingle, coalesce, consolidate, meld, intermingle, mix, intermix, incorporate, affiliate, unify, assimilate, homogenize, harmonize, mesh, desegregate
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    1. 1.1Combine (two things) so that they form a whole.
      ‘the problem of integrating the two approaches’
      • ‘In contrast, the attraction of a peacemaking approach is that it has the potential to combine and integrate these two facets in a more subtle, and balanced, way.’
      • ‘Robertson emphasizes that future work should also look to ways that the direct retraining and specific skills approaches can be integrated.’
      • ‘A better approach is to integrate the three stages into a highly compact, free-space geometry.’
      • ‘Recent action in Afghanistan - when air and land forces again were closely integrated - reaffirms the effectiveness of this approach.’
      • ‘The advantage of the cointegration approach is that it allows one to integrate the long-run and short-run relationships between variables within a unified framework.’
      • ‘An additional obstacle for low-skill readers is the process by which the meaning of individual words and phrases of written passages are integrated into a coherent whole.’
      • ‘E-commerce and affiliate management functions are integrated into one program, making maintenance easier and less expensive.’
      • ‘At the front of the house, a pair of reception rooms has been integrated to create a particularly spacious lounge.’
    2. 1.2no object (of a thing) combine with another to form a whole.
      ‘the stone will blend with the environment and integrate into the landscape’
      • ‘As optical switching technology matures and more meshed networks are deployed, narrowband channelizers will easily integrate into this advanced architecture.’
      • ‘The program can also integrate into Windows Explorer's shell context menu, allowing you to quickly add folders with a right-click from within other programs too.’
      • ‘The appliances seamlessly integrate into existing network and storage infrastructures, and require no software to be installed on client machines or file servers.’
      • ‘In the syllabus, the instructor must define explicitly SL for students and explain to them how course activities integrate into the SL project.’
      • ‘I like how the vocals melodies integrate into the music.’
      • ‘The units visually integrate into the landscape, and were constructed without the use of heavy equipment.’
      • ‘Retroviruses such as HIV must integrate into the human cell's DNA in order to replicate.’
      • ‘Here's the surprising part: the stem cells did not integrate into the pancreases of these mice.’
      • ‘The sweep of the book is immense and naturally some areas integrate into the narrative more easily than others.’
      • ‘Whether or not transgenes integrate into specific chromosomes or chromosome regions of the genome has not yet been determined.’
      • ‘The HR system integrates easily with payroll to give a combined system for any size of organisation.’
      • ‘The different elements don't integrate together seamlessly.’
      • ‘Against these considerations may be weighed the fact that the New Zealand economy is integrating with Australia's anyway.’
      • ‘Cllr Hopkins thought an open day would be enough to ensure the home integrates into its new setting.’
  • 2Bring (people or groups with particular characteristics or needs) into equal participation in or membership of a social group or institution.

    ‘ integrating children with special needs into ordinary schools’
    • ‘He integrated me into his social circle and introduced me to the family.’
    • ‘The first track seeks to strengthen Baltic sovereignty and promote internal reforms by integrating the three republics into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.’
    • ‘And integrating China into the global economy by bringing it into the World Trade Organization is all to the good.’
    • ‘Year after year, they say that integrating Thailand into the global economy will bring manna to all.’
    • ‘But that's not to say that there will not be issues with integrating the two youngest members of the family.’
    • ‘And city officials are now designing programs to integrate the largely reclusive Chinese community and companies into the social and economic mainstream.’
    • ‘By failing to integrate the individual socially, modernity has forced the individual to mask himself.’
    • ‘Some replicants can only socially integrate themselves into a group of people by making fun of others.’
    • ‘Many young people, from both religious denominations, have seen no real social gains from the Agreement, nor any moves to integrate the two communities.’
    • ‘I feel it is very important that they are integrated into the system.’
    • ‘After training, the women are integrated into their families, equipped with self-confidence and skills to pursue a life of their own.’
    • ‘In its latest reality TV programme Channel 4 is hoping to chart the progress of the prisoners as they are integrated into society.’
    • ‘ASEAN has been striving to integrate newer members Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam into the group as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘British society became highly cohesive, with its plethora of clubs and societies, but did not integrate, or expect to integrate, people of different social classes.’
    • ‘This means that it must struggle to integrate fully its African-American members, as well as its new, predominantly immigrant Hispanic members.’
    • ‘Social rights would also help integrate previously excluded groups into a common national culture, and thereby provide a source of national unity and loyalty.’
    • ‘It can lead to potential problems for service providers keen to integrate newly transferred employees alongside existing staff members.’
    • ‘Residence life staff will focus on integrating younger students into the university community through social activities.’
    1. 2.1no object Come into equal participation in or membership of a social group or institution.
      ‘she was anxious to integrate well into her husband's family’
      • ‘Many of its members are willing to integrate and try to climb Europe's steep social ladder.’
      • ‘During Aznar's first term, Spain fully integrated into European institutions, qualifying for the European Monetary Union.’
      • ‘Carlow equal employment programme was approved funding to integrate older workers in the labour market in County Carlow.’
      • ‘This allowed the researcher freedom to collect the data and integrate with team members without the obligation of having to engage in work practices within the setting.’
      • ‘The school is the primary location where the native English speakers and the Hispanic students come together and integrate for social and academic purposes.’
      • ‘In a democracy like ours, this is good news, because it is essential that every citizen should feel comfortable, and compelled to participate and integrate effectively.’
      • ‘However, researchers believe such measures, while helping the new Germany integrate with the rest of Europe, have not addressed social problems between easterners and westerners.’
      • ‘This can be an effective way of helping a new family to integrate but also ensure continued membership growth for a very worthy cause.’
      • ‘There are very limited opportunities for him to begin to integrate with other children and begin to extend his social and personal learning into a wider context.’
      • ‘Getting this job has been a really good boost for him, and we hope that because he is out there socialising and integrating with people, it will help Matthew even further.’
      • ‘It hopes to give them time to socially integrate.’
      • ‘Ireland is the ‘most global nation’ for the second year in a row, thanks to its ability to socially integrate and maintain robust trade and investment with the rest of the world.’
      • ‘Their integrative motivation is to have their children speak Spanish in order to integrate socially with Spanish speakers.’
      • ‘A ‘skills audit’ of 500 refugees in West Yorkshire found that those unable to find work experienced more problems in integrating into society.’
    2. 2.2Desegregate (a school, area, etc.), especially racially.
      ‘the protest forced the bus companies to integrate the buses’
      • ‘cities' efforts to integrate’
      • ‘He attempted to integrate the University of Mississippi, which is only sixty miles south of Memphis.’
      • ‘The university opened a law school in 1951 because Florida lawmakers did not want to integrate the University of Florida's law school at the time.’
      • ‘A federal judge orders public schools in the Charlotte area to cease special efforts to integrate their schools.’
      • ‘Hendrickson uses the aging and sick James Meredith, the first black to integrate the University of Mississippi, to introduce the text.’
      • ‘His aversion to racial discrimination compelled him to integrate his high school swimming pool-after which the school closed the pool.’
      • ‘Several decades ago, for example, Duke Divinity School led the way in racially integrating Duke University.’
      • ‘When three schools were integrated in 1971 to form the high school, racial tensions ran high.’
      • ‘A federal judge ordered that both public housing and public schools be integrated.’
      • ‘Learning together may be the first step towards integrating these special schools with the mainstream educational system.’
      • ‘The school district simply bused students around, but provided little help in integrating the schools once they became desegregated.’
      • ‘Making sure that the student teams that visit communities are racially and ethnically integrated also helps.’
      • ‘Some movements within the church are still struggling to integrate racially in meaningful ways, with much of the leadership power still held in white hands.’
      • ‘He managed the Ramona Gardens project, which was the first one to be racially integrated.’
      • ‘During the civil rights struggle, a little black girl is chosen to integrate an elementary school.’
      • ‘The city barred any organization from participating which did not racially integrate.’
      • ‘Professional football and basketball, which had also been racially segregated, integrated at the same time as baseball.’
      • ‘We aim to build a successful new community which integrates with nearby neighbourhoods, including Meadlands.’
      • ‘What happened to the effort of people like yourself to get the schools to integrate, to mix the two communities?’
      • ‘When he helped integrate Tuscaloosa Junior High School, a white boy hit him in the face with a spitball.’
      • ‘He was part of a generation of intelligent black engineers who integrated first high schools and colleges, and then major corporations.’
  • 3Mathematics
    Find the integral of.

    ‘the velocity profile can be obtained by integrating this equation’
    • ‘The only way to compute complete trajectories was to integrate the differential equations numerically.’
    • ‘This distribution has to be integrated numerically to obtain its first two moments and the average values of the mutation load and inbreeding depression.’
    • ‘Also in this letter he asked his advice on integrating equations he had obtained from theoretically modelling bombs dropping.’
    • ‘We're going to look at one example of how they (and the idea of measure in general) let us extend calculus and allow us to integrate some very odd functions!’
    • ‘These two quantities, standard error and bias, are integrated by the measure of root mean-square error.’


Mid 17th century from Latin integrat- ‘made whole’, from the verb integrare, from integer ‘whole’ (see integer). Compare with integral and integrity.