Meaning of intelligence agency in English:

intelligence agency

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nounplural noun intelligence agencies

  • A government department involved in the gathering of military or political information, especially in the interests of national security.

    ‘British intelligence agencies have been working around the clock to identify the man’
    • ‘There is disagreement among intelligence agencies about whether the country already has nuclear armed missiles.’
    • ‘The NGA serves as a military support agency under the Department of Defense and as an intelligence agency.’
    • ‘He also said, while in London, that he met with the British Intelligence Agency, M-16.’
    • ‘The report from the station chief reached intelligence agencies in Washington the next day, intelligence officials said.’
    • ‘U.S. anti-terrorism laws compel any company located there to give intelligence agencies access to customer data if they ask for it.’
    • ‘The police and intelligence agencies are under great pressure to show that they are doing something about the terrorism.’
    • ‘There is a concern that the intelligence agencies were inefficient and obviously unable to predict when the attacks were going to occur.’
    • ‘She has pledged to assist intelligence agencies of foreign governments in bringing the perpetrators to justice.’