Meaning of intelligence agent in English:

intelligence agent


  • A person working for an intelligence agency.

    ‘he had been under surveillance by US intelligence agents’
    • ‘Well over 50 per cent of MI5 agents are women, yet there is still this understanding of the intelligence agent as the guy in a suit.’
    • ‘All three countries have been reported to have thousands of trained intelligence agents in the United States.’
    • ‘He thought that he would be more useful to his country acting as an intelligence agent in Ireland.’
    • ‘Clearly my presence caught him by surprise, not something intelligence agents liked.’
    • ‘Intelligence agents weren't allowed to give information to law enforcement people.’
    • ‘Federal intelligence agents, according to former spies, once used similar equipment to snoop on a U.S. trade commissioner.’
    • ‘All this was a high priority for the British authorities, and an intelligence agent came from Britain to organise an underground movement.’
    • ‘He remains in custody and has been subjected to interrogation by intelligence agents.’
    • ‘But his claim to be a covert military intelligence agent ensured that he would receive high-level attention.’
    • ‘Some biographers have praised him as one of Britain's most cunning intelligence agents, while others have claimed that he spied for the Soviets.’