Meaning of Intelligence Corps in English:

Intelligence Corps

nounplural noun Intelligence Corps

  • The branch of an army that gathers information of military value.

    ‘during the war he served in the Intelligence Corps’
    • ‘Following World War 2 service as a cryptographer with the Army's Intelligence Corps, he read Classics at Oxford.’
    • ‘He served in the intelligence corps of the Irish Army and, after the war, went into journalism.’
    • ‘But her co-author, former Intelligence Corps officer Colonel Wilson, is adamant history should not be rewritten.’
    • ‘Initial assessments will focus on our Intelligence Corps' existing and future capabilities and force structure.’
    • ‘The Military Intelligence Corps plays a key role in Army Transformation.’
    • ‘The Military Intelligence Corps is proud to honor two more of the five most recent inductees to the Hall of Fame.’
    • ‘This sharing of information is critical to the success of the Military Intelligence Corps.’
    • ‘The Intelligence Corps uses the website to attract potential recruits.’
    • ‘He was a soldier in the intelligence corps who volunteered for action in North Africa.’
    • ‘He joined the Royal Marines, and in 1914 was gazetted second lieutenant at headquarters intelligence corps.’