Meaning of intention tremor in English:

intention tremor


  • A trembling of a part of the body when attempting a precise movement, associated especially with disease of the cerebellum.

    ‘When seeking evidence of postural tremor, the physician asks the patient to extend the arms and perform the finger-to-nose or finger-to-finger movement to identify an intention tremor.’
    • ‘She also was noted to have a mild intention tremor of the upper extremities.’
    • ‘FXTAS is a neurodegenerative disorder with progressive intention tremor and cerebellar ataxia.’
    • ‘A computed tomographic scan or an MRI is more important in cases of intention tremor, when strokes, tumors, and multiple sclerosis are suspected.’
    • ‘Kinetic tremor, which occurs with voluntary movement, is either simple kinetic tremor or intention tremor.’