Meaning of interactive mode in English:

interactive mode


  • A mode of operation that allows a computer or electronic device to respond to a user’s input.

    ‘the platform has an interactive mode that lets developers test-drive their applications as they write them’
    • ‘In the interactive mode, the image quality deteriorates with each iteration.’
    • ‘To activate interactive mode, drivers pass their hands over a steering wheel-mounted proximity sensor.’
    • ‘You won't see any popup queries from the firewall unless you enable interactive mode.’
    • ‘Potentially, there has never been such an interactive mode in a basketball game before.’
    • ‘The app will also let you apply dozens of interactive modes, aka filters and overlays.’
    • ‘The game's two interactive modes aim to boost your child's awareness of numbers, colours, and picture association.’
    • ‘The navigation system presents its contents in interactive mode.’
    • ‘There is an interactive mode, or you can opt to watch the material chapter by chapter.’
    • ‘If the script is run without arguments, it will enter an interactive mode and present a menu of options from which to pick.’