Meaning of interconnect in English:


Pronunciation /ɪntəkəˈnɛkt/

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  • Connect with each other.

    ‘the way human activities interconnect with the environment’
    • ‘the lakes are interconnected by trails filled with joggers’
    • ‘For instance, it specifies how mobile phones, WIDs, computers and PDAs interconnect with each other, with computers, and with office or home phones.’
    • ‘We recognize a diversity of living organisms in nature as the product of a historical process and whose parts interconnect with each other and with their environment.’
    • ‘Bluetooth is a specification that describes how computers and devices like mobile phones can easily interconnect with each other using a short-range wireless connection.’
    • ‘The third reception area is a dining room interconnecting with the kitchen; this can also be entered from the rear hallway.’
    • ‘To the left are a pair of formal reception rooms, the drawing and dining rooms, which interconnect with double doors.’
    • ‘Double panelled doors interconnect with the family room where the walls are part-panelled.’
    • ‘Here you'll find another 40 km of trails, which interconnect with the downhill ski area.’
    • ‘These new carriers must interconnect with both existing carriers and with each other to provide global service to their corporate customers.’
    • ‘And so as they come closer you start to understand how they're interconnecting.’
    • ‘Double panelled doors interconnect with a spacious kitchen/dining room to the rear.’
    • ‘Notably, they have to interconnect with networks and not mess with content.’
    • ‘The utilities are required to allow independent power producers to interconnect with the grid, and the companies must purchase any resulting excess energy.’
    • ‘Secondly, mobile phones, landlines, IP telephony all now can interconnect with one another, making the world a smaller place.’
    • ‘If the magnetic field in the solar wind is directed southward, it can interconnect with the Earth's northward-oriented magnetic field.’
    • ‘Other units were worked out to interconnect with the meter.’
    • ‘They interconnect with the castle architecture.’
    • ‘The house has three reception rooms, including generously-sized drawing and dining rooms which interconnect via double doors.’
    • ‘The two main reception rooms interconnect via double doors.’
    • ‘It interconnects with a dining room at the back of the house.’
    • ‘Two large rooms, originally a set of bedrooms, which interconnect through folding doors are off to the left.’
    connecting, connected, interconnecting, adjacent, abutting, neighbouring, bordering, next-door


  • A device used to connect two things together.

    ‘Device interconnects and methods of making the same are described.’
    • ‘Using the map, the request from the processor is translated into a configuration cycle on the interconnect to access the device's configuration data space.’
    • ‘This standard defines the rules for exchanging information between SCSI devices using a serial interconnect.’
    • ‘The same transceivers can also be used as a backplane interconnect between multiple devices.’
    • ‘The interconnect also connects the nodes to I / O devices, including disk storage and network interfaces.’
    • ‘The first type of cable is called an interconnect, which is used to connect various components together (such as a CD player to a receiver).’
    • ‘Part I focuses on the interconnects: copper connectors and cable, optical transceivers and a look forward to smaller form-factor modules.’
    • ‘Better global bandwidth and latency are only available in custom interconnects with custom interfaces.’
    • ‘The most dramatic improvement was on phono cartridge connections and interchangeable mic capsule interconnects, two areas of superlow voltage exchange.’
    • ‘Examples of these interconnects include serial ports, dedicated network interfaces, and extended 12C buses.’
    • ‘Eventually the blades might also connect to a Fibre Channel SAN via a fiber interconnect on the backplane.’
    • ‘A copper interconnect is formed and electrically coupled to the integrated circuit component.’
    • ‘And more to the point, there's no apparent way of stopping people playing digital music that's full of encryption through a standard set of interconnects.’
    • ‘The factory will combine copper interconnects, silicon-on-insulator and low-k dielectric insulation on 300 mm wafers.’
    • ‘The technical drivers for sensor development come not only from materials science but from innovations in low-cost, large-scale manufacturing of interconnects, microelectronics, and micromachining.’
    • ‘Hard-wired interconnects are important from a competitive standpoint.’
    • ‘Hard-wired interconnects let cable overcome those very big obstacles.’
    • ‘Initially, IBM will fabricate the chip using 130-nm process technologies, copper interconnects and silicon-on-insulator technology.’
    • ‘You can adapt to changes in technology over time - improvements in interconnects, for instance - fairly rapidly.’
    • ‘Optical interconnects will be one of the major alternatives for upgrading speed whenever conventional electrical interconnection fails to provide the required bandwidth.’