Meaning of intercultural in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪntəˈkʌltʃ(ə)rəl/


  • Taking place between cultures, or derived from different cultures.

    ‘intercultural communication’
    • ‘The separation of different population groups increased intercultural tensions and the different rates of progress led to political unrest and instability.’
    • ‘Despite gaps between cultures, intercultural contact is age-old.’
    • ‘This explains her wish as a novelist to encourage intercultural understanding among different peoples.’
    • ‘Kim also notes that analyzing one's own culture is essential to intercultural competence.’
    • ‘But wouldn't it be better for intercultural communication if both local and foreign students were able to study in the international schools?’
    • ‘One problem that hinders intercultural communication is the tendency to see others and their behaviors through cultural filters.’
    • ‘It's a matter of giving faculty training in intercultural communication and understanding.’
    • ‘Twelve business telephone conversations were analyzed in order to detect intercultural differences between speakers of Finnish and speakers of American English.’
    • ‘They hoped to foster intercultural communications with other Panamanians and emphasize the indigenous concept of natural resource patrimony.’
    • ‘But intercultural communication is a very vague term.’
    • ‘He works in the areas of intercultural communication, second language acquisition and second language didactics.’
    • ‘The most astounding failure may be how the firm managed its internal intercultural communications.’
    • ‘Are there strong intercultural differences between the U.S. and France in sexual attitudes?’
    • ‘He builds his argument carefully and convincingly for intercultural literacy, pointing out that no culture exists in isolation.’
    • ‘I am the product of an interfaith and intercultural marriage.’
    • ‘He has organised several intercultural events in India and Italy involving scholars from both countries.’
    • ‘It's a big budget film and the hero will be an American actor so it will be an intercultural romance as well!’
    • ‘This is the first of two articles that deal with the topic of intercultural awareness and learning.’
    • ‘You then get some insightful intercultural business communication tips for working in or with that culture.’
    • ‘The inauguration of a new journal devoted to intercultural communication is a most welcome intellectual event.’