Meaning of interest group in English:

interest group

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  • A group of people that seeks to influence public policy on the basis of a particular common interest or concern.

    ‘opposing the measure were representatives of various education interest groups’
    • ‘Whether you're a manufacturer or a service business, a non-profit or an interest group, you have a "product" to sell.’
    • ‘The plan was met by hostility from internet rights activists, poiticians, internet users, internet service providers and interest groups alike.’
    • ‘But some political analysts give him only until April as prime minister, citing turf wars between rival interest groups.’
    • ‘Their primary concern is with tax cuts for the wealthy and appeasing interest groups.’
    • ‘But tax experts warn that it wouldn't be easy because all of those tax breaks are important to powerful interest groups.’
    • ‘He's entitled to represent any interest group in his electorate, as long as he does so overtly.’
    • ‘High taxes enrich the corrupt politicians and their special interest groups.’
    • ‘He said the reworked roadways benefit the entire community, not any particular interest group.’
    • ‘Take back America from the special interest groups.’
    • ‘You have interest groups lined up on both sides, all making a case that they are on the side of consumers.’
    • ‘Her analysis demonstrates how off-cycle elections reduce voter turnout and amplify the power of organized interest groups.’