Meaning of interfluve in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪntəfluːv/


  • A region between the valleys of adjacent watercourses, especially in a dissected upland.

    ‘On the interfluves of incised valleys, sequence boundaries are marked by palaeosols that locally have a distinctive leached, potassium-depleted character.’
    • ‘The saline crust is well developed on the interfluves between the valleys and shows little or no evidence for active runoff.’
    • ‘Even extensive surfaces such as the plateaus of Africa and Great Plains of North America are largely comprised of hill slopes of low angle between barely definable interfluves and valley floors.’
    • ‘Therefore, the ferruginization of the basal channel conglomerates is seen as coeval with ground-water ferricrete formation in the interfluves.’
    • ‘The basal conglomerates and the equivalent sands and muds on the interfluves are commonly ferruginized.’


Early 20th century back-formation from interfluvial.