Meaning of intergenerational in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪntədʒɛnəˈreɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


  • Relating to, involving, or affecting several generations.

    ‘the intergenerational conflict and political turmoil of the 1960s’
    • ‘Economists debate the magnitude of the intergenerational income correlation.’
    • ‘For them, war was a life-long, inter-generational, noble endeavor.’
    • ‘Senior citizens also participate in an intergenerational reading project.’
    • ‘Many state pension schemes are Paygo, expressing what is called ' intergenerational solidarity '.’
    • ‘The project also provides opportunities to develop intergenerational friendships.’
    • ‘Problems involving family members or family-of-origin issues are also often effectively explored with intergenerational assessment instruments.’
    • ‘Only two studies have tested aspects of Bowen's specific theory of intergenerational transmission.’
    • ‘The results suggest a lack of social interaction may have adverse intergenerational effects in terms of educational attainment.’
    • ‘No evidence supports existence of such an intergenerational cult, the site says.’
    • ‘Recently, the curriculum's use in intergenerational settings has also been noted.’
    • ‘The rugby club is an interesting example of inter-generational equity at the moment.’
    • ‘Therefore, we can speak of an intergenerational transmission of male unemployment.’
    • ‘In the studies where gender differences could be tested, the intergenerational parenting correlations were higher for females.’
    • ‘There is a strong commonsense notion of intergenerational continuity in behavior.’
    • ‘There are many different ways to weave an intergenerational perspective into all areas of congregational life.’
    • ‘More is needed to prevent a bigger intergenerational transfer burden from bedeviling our political future.’
    • ‘Some men maintained protective intergenerational boundaries by distancing themselves from disapproving parents.’
    • ‘When urban workers were laid off, their families offered financial support and inter-generational mutual help.’
    • ‘While there are exceptions, few congregations operate as true intergenerational communities.’
    • ‘We've made plenty of comments in the last few months about tax, intergenerational equity and the Government's reform agenda.’