Meaning of interglacial in English:


Pronunciation /ɪntəˈɡleɪsɪəl/ /ɪntəˈɡleɪsɪʃ(ə)l/


  • Relating to a period of milder climate between two glacial periods.

    Compare with interstadial

    ‘It is well known that there were at least seven glacial and interglacial cycles with a period of 100,000 years in the last 700,000 years.’
    • ‘During the early 1970s, most climate experts came to agree that interglacial periods tended to end more abruptly than had been supposed.’
    • ‘Over the last half-million years or so, warm interglacial periods have been much shorter than the cold glaciations, lasting on average only 10,000 years.’
    • ‘We have 420,000 years of climate history at our fingertips, covering the last four glacial and interglacial cycles.’
    • ‘A recent study compiled evidence from various parts of the world concerning sea levels during an interglacial period about four hundred thousand years ago.’


  • An interglacial period.

    ‘Preceding and separating the cold glacial periods were three main interglacials (Cromerian, Hoxnian, and Ipswichian) when the climate was rather warmer.’
    • ‘In between the ice ages, interglacials generally lasted about 10,000 years, which isn't long at all.’
    • ‘These glaciers advanced during the four ice ages (glacial periods) and retreated during the three interglacials.’
    • ‘For over 30 years it's been thought that interglacials lasted about 10,000 years.’
    • ‘Our present interglacial, he concludes, is similar to the one that preceded it.’