Meaning of intergrow in English:


Pronunciation /ɪntəˈɡrəʊ/

verbintergrew, intergrown

[no object]
  • (chiefly of crystals) grow into each other.

    ‘the two feldspars intergrow with quartz’
    • ‘A specimen from the replacement deposits of the Basin vein consists of several interlocking chalcopyrite crystals intergrown with clear quartz crystals.’
    • ‘These aggregates are perched on a matrix of fine-grained garnet densely intergrown with other manganese silicates.’
    • ‘Some of the turquoise from their mine contains limonite intergrown with thin layers of native gold.’
    • ‘The hematite and the clays appear intergrown, suggesting that they co-precipitated.’
    • ‘The microcline and quartz are sometimes intergrown as graphic granite and become very coarse grained near pockets.’