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Pronunciation /ˈɪnt(ə)rɪm/

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  • 1The intervening time.

    ‘ in the interim I'll just keep my fingers crossed’
    • ‘Whoever they get I suggest that they should get someone as soon as possible in order to ensure that players don't leave in the interim.’
    • ‘I'd heard in the interim that Pam had left him and that he was on his uppers.’
    • ‘In the interim, she's entitled to disability leave of only about $250 a week - even if she's a principal.’
    • ‘In the interim, I made sure to read every interview she gave.’
    • ‘It seems the three children currently staying there will be found foster homes in the interim, but it has around 30 staff at the home who they will now need to relocate.’
    • ‘‘The sad fact is that some of them will die in the interim,’ Senator Browne added.’
    • ‘Since winning ‘You're a Star’ he has played over 100 live shows in Ireland, all of which were sellouts, also recording an album in the interim.’
    • ‘And the president has taken steps in the interim.’
    • ‘In the interim, at least 150,000 tonnes of maize, about half of the anticipated shortfall of 300,000 tonnes will be imported as relief to affected families.’
    • ‘In the interim, they will secure better results to improve their environment by concentrating on more serious problems that directly affect their citizens.’
    • ‘A lot of people, though, could die in the interim.’
    • ‘And in the interim, enjoy this lovely picture of Tony Abbott.’
    • ‘Stanley estimated that the cost of repairing the house ran between £8,000 to £9,000 because it was vandalised in the interim.’
    • ‘How did he address the compulsion in the interim?’
    • ‘Nothing has been resolved, no solution found or conclusion reached, and territories continue to be re-negotiated in the interim.’
    • ‘Proud to work for a quality company that stood by them, employees sought training in the interim, and their productivity is at an all-time high.’
    • ‘I am glad to wait; he is doing crucial work in the interim.’
    • ‘It is a central principle of any justice system that a prisoner is only liable to serve the sentence handed down at conviction, unless convicted of another crime in the interim.’
    • ‘But what has happened in the interim, in the days and the whole week that has followed, it that it hasn't had any resonation at all on the ground.’
    • ‘In the interim, the state also adopted some anti-fraud measures for voting (picture IDs).’
    meantime, meanwhile, intervening time, interval, interlude
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  • 2usually interimsmainly British An interim dividend, profit, etc.

    ‘Ferry and seafreight operator P&O is forecast to climb back into the black when it reports interims on Thursday, with pre-tax profits of £20m from losses of £25.7m previously.’
    • ‘The Royal Bank-backed Tesco Financial Services will also announce its first official profit when it declares its interims this week.’
    • ‘The bank announced a profits downgrade last month and analysts are expecting interims this week to confirm that it has lost market share.’
    • ‘Next week, the company will reveal sharply increased turnover and profits with the announcement of interims.’
    • ‘W & D, which reports interims on Friday, is pencilled in for dividends of 35.1p per share this year, increasing to 38.2p next year.’
    • ‘This is a hefty blow, considering that it represents half of the already poor profits the company expected to announce for its next interims on 23 November.’
    • ‘Computacenter is paying its first dividend, to accompany a good set of interims.’
    • ‘The stationer, which issued a profit warning in January, reports interims on Thursday.’
    • ‘Capital Radio (LSE: CAP) will be announcing interims on Thursday.’
    • ‘The alternative telco hailed today's interims as evidence of ‘strong improvement’, in operating performance and financial controls.’
    • ‘The casino operator London Clubs International (LSE: LCI) reports interims on Thursday.’
    • ‘Morse releases its full interims, complete with balance sheet stuff and profits, on February 25.’


  • 1In or for the intervening period; provisional.

    ‘an interim arrangement’
    • ‘This allows for the formation of whatever transitional government or whatever interim arrangement needs to be put in place.’
    • ‘Coun Judge wished Mr Paine well and said the interim arrangements will improve the authority.’
    • ‘Now we must urgently appeal to parents to keep their children away from the site in the interim period.’
    • ‘The sports hall will address this demand in the interim period up to the development of new facilities on the new campus.’
    • ‘Robinson has been placed in charge for an interim period, which will include the November tests against Canada, South Africa and Australia.’
    • ‘But in the interim period, unfortunately, this latest development will badly dent his reputation.’
    • ‘She said she was concerned at the short period of the interim order - eight days - particularly in light of the backlog in the courts.’
    • ‘The referendum at the end of an interim period of unspecified duration would be held in the context of territorial unity.’
    • ‘We're hearing a lot of big talk coming from Allawi and other members of the provisional interim government.’
    • ‘Do you think that much can be accomplished in this interim period, given the level of worry that's going on?’
    • ‘This makes provision for an interim government with a prime minister and rebel representation in the cabinet.’
    • ‘The six-year interim period will come into effect once a comprehensive peace agreement is signed.’
    • ‘So, much will depend on how much progress he has made in the interim period.’
    • ‘We are also trying to get a bit of work done in the interim period too!’
    • ‘Having him on board, at least for an interim period, would reassure customers and staff.’
    • ‘He was bailed until sentencing next month and banned from driving in the interim period.’
    • ‘Taster days are to be held in the interim period with several variations of each brand to assess the preference.’
    • ‘Notice, however, that even under this interim provision, the privacy protection only applied to people who successfully purchased firearms.’
    • ‘I agreed to be the interim CEO and to stay only six months.’
    • ‘You can appoint an interim manager to plug a gap in the business due to resignation, illness or maternity leave.’
    provisional, temporary, pro tem, stopgap, short-term, fill-in, caretaker, acting, intervening, transitional, changeover, make-do, makeshift, improvised, impromptu, emergency
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  • 2Relating to less than a full year's business activity.

    ‘an interim dividend’
    • ‘It said it would not pay an interim dividend and halved the net profit forecast for the half-year to September.’
    • ‘There was good news for shareholders, with the bank proposing an interim dividend of 5.5p, up 12.2% on a year earlier.’
    • ‘It paid 4p per share as an interim dividend but profits have come under considerable pressure since then.’
    • ‘And the company's most recent results were equally impressive: interim profits grew by 21% to £13.5m.’
    • ‘The company recently announced an interim profit of $15.9 million, an increase of 54 per cent on the half year before.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, Bank of Ireland shares fell by over 8 per cent after the bank warned that its interim profits may be hit by recent falls in international stock market.’
    • ‘The company has declared an interim dividend of £0.26.’
    • ‘The company will not be paying an interim dividend.’
    • ‘In November the interim results showed profits before tax had risen 45 per cent to EUR 78.86 million.’
    • ‘An interim dividend of 16.5 cents per share was declared, up from 14 cents.’
    • ‘In July, the company said its interim profit had almost halved, after recording a steep drop in sales at its core UK business.’
    • ‘In addition to not paying a final dividend, Oakhill is casting doubt over the next interim dividend payment.’
    • ‘Few sets of results will be watched more closely than the interim profit figures due from AIB at the end of this month.’
    • ‘Shareholders will receive an interim dividend of 13.1p compared with 12.46p a year ago.’
    • ‘The company, which manufactures bathroom suites, said it would pay shareholders an interim dividend of two cents per share.’
    • ‘Marconi (LSE: MONI) will update the market on trading activities ahead of its interim results in November.’
    • ‘I'm sorely tempted at these levels but with the full set of interim results due out on September 3 I'm happy to wait for more information.’
    • ‘In February, the satellite broadcaster restored its dividend following a jump in interim profits.’
    • ‘Hbos, the UK's largest mortgage lender, is expected to post interim profits of around £2.3bn under the new accounting rules.’
    • ‘Sanyo said it will pay an interim dividend of 4 yen and a year-end dividend of 6 yen, up from 3 yen and 5 yen, respectively.’


  • Meanwhile.


Mid 16th century (denoting a provisional arrangement, originally for the adjustment of religious differences between the German Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church): from Latin, ‘meanwhile’.