Meaning of interior monologue in English:

interior monologue



(also US interior monolog)
  • A piece of writing expressing a character's inner thoughts.

    ‘Lack of punctuation in one note results in a Joycean interior monologue.’
    • ‘Most of these poems are interior monologues written in long lines, often coupled with prose poem passages.’
    • ‘Using his usual brilliant interior monologues, Wolfe argues that youngsters are ignorant and have remained so because they have one thing on their mind: sex.’
    • ‘These include such techniques as composite characters, conflation of time, and interior monologues.’
    • ‘The narrative is now interior monologue, reporting present sensations and events as they happen.’
    • ‘Their interior monologues are mildly amusing, as are, between the three constituent one-acters, the supposed thoughts of actual spotlighted audience members given in voice-over.’
    • ‘It will be an interior monologue, sort of Mrs Dalloway-esque.’
    • ‘The interior monologue went something like this: ‘What will my colleagues think?’
    • ‘My interior monologue was going something like this.’
    • ‘Her interior monologue continued endlessly until she looked up to the clock and saw it was past seven thirty.’
    • ‘It's essentially a deadpan interior monologue from a heartless, desperate, mashed-up victim of the scene.’
    • ‘Thanks to the fantastic espionage of the interior monologue the reader is privy to his every thought on work, his family and sex.’
    • ‘With death in view, the narrative shifts to the internal visions articulated by interior monologue and free indirect discourse.’
    • ‘The problem is that even in my stories I don't generally think in such direct lines, and what I had come up with was layer upon layer of summary, flashback, and interior monologue - almost no scene at all.’
    • ‘With Penn conscripted to play the lead, the die was cast for an archetypal character piece, focusing on a troubled man's interior monologue, rather than a prescribed plot.’
    • ‘The author's unusual structure of this novel and her use of dialogue, interior monologue, sparse description, and authentic dialects will surely engage young readers.’
    • ‘In a novel you have paragraphs of interior monologue where you can explain how a particular person's mind changes.’
    • ‘They also talk about how interior monologue is basically a more efficient, stream-lined version of talking to yourself, in order to engage these other centers in the mind.’
    • ‘However, the narrating characters are often unconvincing, especially in Brodoff's attempts at interior monologue.’
    • ‘You could multiply this interior monologue by 10 or more for certain decisions in the middlegame.’
    monologue, speech, address, lecture, oration, sermon, homily, stand-up, aside