Meaning of interlingual in English:


Pronunciation /ɪntəˈlɪŋɡw(ə)l/


  • 1Between or relating to two languages.

    ‘interlingual dictionaries’
    • ‘The reason for the structural change is attributed in part to syntactic reduction and in part to interlingual transfer to cope with the deficiency in L2.’
    • ‘In terms of Roman Jakobson's tripartite scheme of intralingual, interlingual, and intersemiotic translation, translation from Old and Middle Irish to Modern Irish could then be seen as intralingual in nature.’
    • ‘Thus, accessing the poem's interlingual word play leaves the reader with associations of resistance.’
    • ‘He uses interlingual close readings of vocalization in Kim's poetry, an approach that emphasizes both the Asian and American aspects of Kim's poetic style.’
    • ‘The Napoleonic wars widened horizons and made possible what Bakhtin refers to as ‘international and interlingual contacts and relationships’.’
    • ‘In the study of an era of rapid, complex, interlingual and intercultural change, periodization is more than a problem of proper categories.’
    • ‘Yet for all the cosmopolitan complexity of this interlingual exercise, this zone of reading appears to be incommensurable with the broadened geopolitical terrain and heightened speeds of globalization suggested by the piece.’
    1. 1.1Relating to an interlingua or artificial interlanguage.
      • ‘interlingual systems are software programs that translate text’