Meaning of interminable in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈtəːmɪnəbl/

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  • Endless or apparently endless (often used hyperbolically)

    ‘we got bogged down in interminable discussions’
    • ‘There was the usual interminable discussion about it at half time and afterwards.’
    • ‘It was the interminable non-story about some guy's grad night woes that finally blew my patience out the back door.’
    • ‘At least this would be less boring than those interminable slide shows he gave us in days gone by.’
    • ‘And so it continues with only the occasional hand clap to lessen the interminable uninspiring drone.’
    • ‘Later his name appears in the papers, he is forced to move house because of death threats and he can't find work due to an interminable police inquiry.’
    • ‘The Josef Stalin Museum itself is enormous, winding through interminable corridors over two floors.’
    • ‘Most people are more afraid of being caught in interminable suffering during the dying process than they are of death itself.’
    • ‘Just how many of them have read the addled, interminable book that first described his adventures, however, is debatable.’
    • ‘This is an interminable argument that must be decided situationally.’
    • ‘I get more intolerant and downright bored with this interminable, stomach-churning rubbish every year.’
    • ‘Then we waited for the interminable paperwork that accompanies getting bumped.’
    • ‘At times, the delays for relatives and victims have seemed interminable.’
    • ‘It bores me to write the words, but that's the nature of this interminable week.’
    • ‘Traffic is horrendous, with streets congested during seemingly interminable rush hours.’
    • ‘After a while these interminable lists acquire a certain ghoulish fascination, prompting a host of other questions.’
    • ‘Most people are likely tired of the interminable debate over outsourcing.’
    • ‘He avoided answering every question and produced an interminable drone to kill time and frustrate the interviewer.’
    • ‘I anticipated interminable delays in taking our orders but I was wrong.’
    • ‘The films are slow with no tension or real intrigue to bridge the interminable passages where nothing happens.’
    • ‘Having navigated those hurdles we then have the interminable drive South.’
    seemingly endless, endless, never-ending, unending, without end, non-stop, everlasting, ceaseless, unceasing, incessant, constant, continual, uninterrupted, unbroken, sustained
    countless, numerous, many, untold, manifold, multitudinous, multifarious, innumerable, numberless, unmeasured, unnumbered, incalculable, indeterminable
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Late Middle English from Old French, or from late Latin interminabilis, from in- ‘not’ + terminare (see terminate).