Meaning of intermit in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪntəˈmɪt/

verbverb intermits, verb intermitting, verb intermitted

[with object]
  • 1Suspend or discontinue (an action or practice) for a time.

    ‘he was urged to intermit his application’
    • ‘And even the reputations of major figures at times fluctuate, with periods of obscurity intermitting their fame.’
    • ‘Both species reproduce by cyclical parthenogenesis, in which phases of asexual reproduction are intermitted by sexual reproduction.’
    • ‘His speech is short-breathed, intermitted by asthmatic grunts.’
    • ‘If you have a grade other than ‘W’ you are able to intermit your place in a course for up to 12 months.’
    adjourn, interrupt, break off, postpone, delay, defer, shelve, arrest, put off, intermit, prorogue, hold over, put aside, pigeonhole, hold in abeyance, keep in abeyance, put in abeyance
    1. 1.1no object (especially of a fever or pulse) stop for a time.
      ‘Students in halls of residence who intermit or withdraw will only pay for the time they are resident.’
      • ‘Students must complete the Leave to Intermit Form to obtain permission to intermit from the University.’
      • ‘You should note that you cannot intermit for a period of more than two years consecutively.’
      • ‘Students who have received the sibling discount, then one sibling withdraws or intermits from the course, will have the tuition fee recalculated and may owe the University additional money.’
      • ‘The heart is irregular and intermits every third or fourth beat.’
      • ‘If a student intermits from their studies, then they will automatically forfeit their tenancy and will only be considered for accommodation on the full resumption of their studies.’
      • ‘Yes, if you have to temporarily withdraw or intermit from your course, then you can continue to use your computing account and email all the time that you are still registered with the university.’
      • ‘A student allowed to intermit may be permitted to return in another session to recommence the programme, or resume the programme, or sit the examinations, as may be decided.’
      • ‘Applicants who intermitted within the past five years may apply for admission to the first or second year if they meet the conditions originally stipulated for admission.’
      • ‘Students who have formally intermitted are able to seek permission to continue to have access to the MBBS program and email facilities.’
      • ‘Where a student intermits, or undertakes study away from the university, for more than 28 days, the student must vacate the office and re-apply on their return.’
      • ‘If you need to apply to the Board for permission to intermit, you will need to complete an Application Form which is available from your Self-Service Pages.’
      • ‘Registered postgraduate Scholars follow a similar procedure to intermit, but should contact the Dean of Graduate Studies instead of the Senior Lecturer.’


Mid 16th century from Latin intermittere, from inter- ‘between’ + mittere ‘let go’.