Meaning of internal evidence in English:

internal evidence


mass noun
  • Evidence derived from the contents of the thing discussed.

    ‘The introduction to those rolls illustrates just how dependent we are on internal evidence in the images to establish dates, the photographer's shooting habits and locations, etc.’
    • ‘Similarly, it is a pity that this essay (which includes a large number of unreferenced quotations) was not supplied with footnotes or some internal evidence as to the authorities it cites.’
    • ‘Based on internal evidence in the memo, the writer appears to be a Pentagon desk officer assigned to coalition headquarters in Baghdad.’
    • ‘The first reason is internal evidence from the structure of marriage in our received legal tradition.’
    • ‘Because the interesting part of the column is that, on internal evidence, it refutes itself.’
    • ‘We know from internal evidence that the neat notebooks held by the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia are second, third, sometimes fourth generation sources: transcriptions of transcriptions.’
    • ‘David is commonly thought to have been both the scribe and the painter; in this manuscript internal evidence makes it highly unlikely that the two aspects of production could have been executed by different hands.’
    • ‘An entire chapter on ‘Musical influences’ with no demonstration through internal evidence of what those influences actually were goes painfully against the grain.’
    • ‘He argues from internal evidence (much of it orthographical) that the book of hours was written for an English reader, though he cannot state with certainty that it was actually produced in England.’
    • ‘In other cases, internal evidence made it obvious that pages had not been updated for a long time, such as the site that referred to National Adoption Week in October 2002 as a forthcoming event.’
    • ‘Minor internal evidence dates it after 300 B.C.’
    • ‘This is a potential serious condition as evidenced by the extensive algae discoloration on the outer elevation brickwork and lower sandstone plinth with associated internal evidence that will be referred to later in the report.’
    • ‘Close examination of internal evidence from the manuscript, however, led scholars to the conclusion that it was very likely originally written for recorder.’
    • ‘Quantitative internal evidence is the main basis for the attribution: readers' impressions of the Elegy's style have been strongly against Shakespearean authorship.’
    • ‘Attempts to date him on the basis of internal evidence alone, i.e. comparison of his doctrines with those of other thinkers, have led to the widest divergence of dates.’
    • ‘Broader than concerns about the relevance of the artist's intention and encompassing them is the distinction between external and internal evidence.’
    • ‘The defence I can claim for what follows is that at least it is founded on internal evidence that seemed a sufficient basis to justify yet another theory.’
    • ‘From internal evidence it seems certain that these oldest texts had crystallized into roughly the shape in which we have them by the time of the second council or shortly thereafter.’
    • ‘In particular it is clear from internal evidence that the canon did not receive its final form until many years later, so it could not have been fixed at the early date the report claims.’
    • ‘This can be answered by means of both external and internal evidence.’