Meaning of international waters in English:

international waters

plural noun

  • The areas of the sea that are not under the jurisdiction of any country.

    ‘the boat sank in international waters’
    • ‘In 1999, a division started surveying international waters for drug trafficking.’
    • ‘The crime scene is now floating around in international waters from port to port.’
    • ‘It was designed to fill a legal vacuum leaving sites in international waters without protection.’
    • ‘Captain Anthony would never sail into international waters again, for the Royal Navy could have arrested him on sight.’
    • ‘Officials were concerned that he had begun construction on the vessel without having secured a licence for it to fish in international waters.’
    • ‘At the low-tide mark they will cross over into federal territory and then swim into international waters where they live and grow for some years.’
    • ‘The Anglo-American forces continued to be plagued by helicopter problems, as two British choppers collided over international waters yesterday, killing all seven crewmen aboard.’
    • ‘They fondly recall vessels that would depart the island, sail just far enough to reach international waters, meander about for a day or evening, then return to port.’
    • ‘Much like a ship in international waters, spacecraft can go anywhere at any time, but space has no shores to impede travel.’
    • ‘Companies can't compete against foreign competitors for drilling and mining rights in international waters.’