Meaning of internet cafe in English:

internet cafe

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(also internet café)
  • A simple cafe in which customers pay to use computer terminals to access the internet.

    ‘Last month a group with the same name issued a statement claiming to be behind the bombings of some local internet cafes.’
    • ‘You can also use a PC in a classroom based on campus or in a public library or internet cafe.’
    • ‘I would be interested in knowing how he was traced to computers at internet cafes.’
    • ‘Especially delightful was the independent record store/bookstore/cafe / internet cafe with a rooftop bar.’
    • ‘What I wanted was, well, an internet cafe.’
    • ‘Which is a definite comfort plus, I think, especially for travellers who don't mind using internet cafes, or for students.’
    • ‘I couldn't resist the allure of my favorite internet cafe.’
    • ‘The closures were the result of a three month inspection of around 60,000 Internet cafes nationwide.’
    • ‘Customers surf the web at an internet cafe in Beijing.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, I was hanging out at an internet cafe loading pictures to the blog.’
    • ‘In some countries they have cameras in internet cafes to track political dissidents.’
    • ‘On our way home I go to an internet cafe called Wired Entertainment.’
    • ‘Also there are several well advertised internet cafes in Scarborough.’
    • ‘I am presently in an internet cafe in Manchester.’
    • ‘Oh yes, we have an internet cafe at work.’
    • ‘Now the whole concept of the Internet cafe is fine.’
    • ‘The booth is in an area with a number of internet cafes, whose signs are obviously new.’
    • ‘There is a valuable income derived from the overhead internet cafe, currently let on a short-term basis.’
    • ‘This month, the government has started to require dozens of Internet cafes to register with the government or be closed.’
    • ‘In April, the government imposed a ban on youth under 18 from using Internet cafes on school days and at night.’